Lighting Solution for Everyone: Mr Beams

Disclaimer: I received a product for review. All opinions are my own.

Being an outdoorsy family, we tend to not like the sun going down. While the Mr and I sit outside in the dark, we don't like to have the kids outside after dark because we are surrounded by woods. Part of the beauty of living in the country is the absence of street lights- we can enjoy the stars, so having a street light installed is not an option.

Mr Beams sent me a light to try out and it has been a life saver. They sent me the Mr Beams™ Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight w/ Remote Control MB370. I love the wireless capabilities of it- the only installation required is screwing it to the wall or post. It uses D batteries and they last quite a while. It can work as a spotlight or motion sensor. We use the remote and turn it on for the kids to play, then set it to motion when we are done in case the dogs start barking- then we can see what they are barking at.

The motion sensor has a 30 second shut off, so we don't have to worry about it running all night. It is perfect for home security, as well as patio lighting. There are two additional shut off settings- one hour and four hours. Even better are the special features of the light. The LED lights will never need to be replaced (the lights in the other kind are expensive). The brightness of the light is adjustable, with 3 different settings.

We have started using the light for events as well. I had my husband mount it to a board so that I could use zip ties to attach it to poles when we are out for events- easy lighting anywhere! This is perfect for bigfoot hunts and paranormal investigations. We can use them during set up, team meetings, and command central. I'm really looking forward to using it for events that carry over into the night as well.

Every family could benefit from the lighting solutions offered by Mr Beams. How would you use them?

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