Large Phone? Limm Has You Covered!

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I was so excited when Limm asked me to review their newest armband. All of the ones I had have been given away because they just do not fit my larger phone. I have the LG Optimus L90. It is one of the larger smart phones on the market.

This armband is designed for the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5/ S6, Fire Phone, and HTC One. If you are the owner of one of these larger phones, you are finally in luck!

As a bonus, when you buy the Limm Sport Armband, you get a free ebook- 100 Exercise Tips!

This light weight and water resistant armband also has a key holder and comes in two different sizes- average and slim. It is also sweat resistant (with no back opening) and slip proof. All of that- plus you can still access your phone's buttons and features.

When you are protecting a phone that cost several hundred dollars, you want to make sure you have quality products- Limm offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee is is constructed of all quality materials, well worth the $19.95 price tag. It is even stitched, instead of glued, so that it will last quite a while.

My favorite thing about his armband is that I can also fit my house key (it fits two house keys) or my car key. So, walking from home or at a track is possible with safety. I can also put cash and my debit card in with my phone.

I love that i can head out into the woods and have my phone with me. I can listen to music or be ready for a phone call (I have to have it available for the kids). I no longer have to worry about carrying my phone or making sure that my pants have pockets big enough for it!

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