Kodabug's Favorite: The Sweetest Story Bible For Toddlers

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have been looking for Kodabug her own Story Bible since she surprised us over a year ago. All of the ones I looked at just didn't fit right. Tbomb has his own, so I wanted her to as well. The one he has is perfect for him, so I wanted her to have one just as special. Thanks to Zondervan, Kodabug has her own prissy little Story Bible.

This board book is a beauty from the time it is seen. The cover is gorgeous and the illustrations are beyond beautiful. With language appropriate for children, it makes the perfect bed time book. The cover is even padded! The illustrator, Sheila Baily, has worked with different companies, including Hallmark to create beautiful pieces of art. The author, Diane Stortz, has written several Christian childrens books, and several books with missionaries in mind. The Sweetest Story Bible For Toddlers contains 8 different stories, 4 from the old testament and 4 from the new testament. Each story is just a few pages- long enough to teach the lesson, but short enough to keep their attention. The selected stories are chosen to show little ones how much God loves them. The illustrations are designed to captivate the imaginations of little girls every where.

Kodabug just loves this Story Bible. Even though she is only 16 months, the illustrations fascinate her and she will sit with it and pet the pictures. She has even fallen asleep with it. When I get it out to read her bed time story, she gets so excited. The prissy illustrations keep my prissy little girl captivated. One of my favorite things about this Story Bible is that it is even perfect for beginner readers. The words are simple, but the message is strong. I can't wait until she starts reading and can read the stories to me. Tbomb even gets in on the fun and tells Kodabug the stories in it (it's so cute- he thinks he's reading!). This Bible will be used regularly for many years to come, and I hope one day she passes it to her own daughter. I love that Queen Esther is even included- what better role model for little girls?!  

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