Kinivo For My Gadget Addiction

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

As you all have figured out by now, I have a serious addiction to gadgets of the tech kind. Yes, my name is Cari and I'm a geek. My husband thinks it is funny that I will never have enough gadgets. He should be happy though, he gets my hand me downs.

When the people at Kinivo asked me to review a product for them, I had a hard time picking a product- because I wanted them all. I drooled over the adorable mini portable speaker, the premium Bluetooth boombox, and the Bluetooth stereo headphones. Then, I decided to go practical for my work and fell in love with this beauty:

This is the Kinivo BTX270 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker ($59.99). It supports apt-x for high quality audio, can stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled device, and can even be plugged in via audio cable. The battery (rechargeable) allows for up to 8 hours of use anywhere you want. When you are using an iPhone or iPad, the battery status shows. 

At about a pound, this is a great speaker for home, or away from home. There is even a built in microphone for hands free calling! It even has an almost armor like coating to enhance it's durability. 

I have used this speaker in several different settings. My laptop speakers are horrible, so it has gotten plenty of us.

  1. Events- in place of a pa system when using a smaller event room- I have not tested it outside yet, but plan to as soon as it warms up for our outside events. 
  2. Connected to my laptop for the kids to watch movies. 
  3. Presenting evidence from paranormal investigations. 
  4. Making business client calls. 
  5. Listening to music from my phone while working. 
  6. Playing music for the kids to keep them entertained while I work.
  7. I have even been tempted to plug it in to the TV- the sound is that great. 
I mean seriously, this speaker has sound quality similar to that of my dad's custom built sound system (he built himself and is awesome). There are two differences- this does not take a whole room and there isn't really any sound distortion when using high volume. Also, there is no shaking of the whole house when the sound is turned up. 

You could use this speaker at a party with a good many people and it would work great! 

I have never been so impressed by a company or a speaker. I have used many speakers in the past, many Bluetooth devices, and many other sound devices. I am beyond impressed. Good job Kinivo! 

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