Kidecals: Ultimate Organizing Solution

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I'm sure you have all figured out by now that I am a sucker for stickers, color coding, and labels. Well, this amazing company, Kidecals has added to that addiction. They allowed me to pick out a couple of things to try out with our family. I chose some things that I haven't tried anything like them before: chalkboard labels and date labels. Although their keyboard labels were a close one.

Before I get to those items, I just want to say that they have the most adorable branding and packaging. I mean seriously, check this out- I wish they made washi tape!

Chalkboard Labels

I chose the Chalkboard Plaque Labels. They come with 6 three inch labels and 6 four inch labels! I have placed one on my laptop- I can write a hashtag on it when doing an event. I have one by the door (so I don't forget things), and have used them in the kids travel activity kits. You can use chalk or chalk pens with them. They are durable and waterproof. 

These are also great for labeling jars (for storage or gifting), labeling items for a potluck, labeling pantry items, and even organizing your homeschool room. 

PS- I love anything chalkboard! (Have you seen my new branding for Cari On Media?)

Date Labels

I'm officially in love! These are my favorite labels yet- we use them or everything. Seriously! We had these printed with "The Georges" on them so they would be versatile. Use them for baby bottles/ food, storing leftovers, lunches, freezer meals- anything! 

We use them for more non-traditional things, I've even used them to label thumb drives. We use them when sending food with the kids to the babysitter, labeling equipment, and labeling toys when going to a play group. 

You could even use these to date homeschool lessons. For instance, use a binder clip to separate each day's assignments and use one of these labels on the binder clip- then write in the day!

You can customize the date labels with name and other information, even preview before you order. We didn't have anything put for "other information," so they would be more versatile. When you order these, you get 144 1x1.5" labels. They are microwaveable and freezer proof. Also, they leave no residue when removed. (yes, they are repositional). You can use a wax pencil, permanent marker, or dry erase marker to write in your information. 

Seriously, these are my most useful organizational tool (besides my calendar). In fact, I put a few of them in my planner in case I need them on the go. This was awesome because I ended up needing to leave a bowl when I hadn't planned on it, so I just stuck a label on there and knew I would get it back! 

The only thing I would change about these - I wish they had bigger ones as well! 


When ordering custom labels for your family, use color coding to differentiate between members of the household instead of names. For instance you could order blue and pink of the date labels to keep the kids' items separate, or even use different colored pens. I know personalizing with names is big now, but in the grande scheme of things, it isn't too save to have your children's names plastered every where. Let's use initials and color coding when possible. 

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