Baby Shower Etiquette: Southern Charm Sunday

This post has been on my mind for a while now. Several months ago, I was not invited to a shower that I should have been. I'm seriously not being a brat- I really should have been. I was crushed- completely crushed. Then I thought, not everyone knows proper etiquette, so maybe they don't either. So, here are some etiquette tips for baby showers. There are tips for guests/ hosts/ and the guest of honor.

  1. Invitations can be sent via email/ Facebook (depending on how formal the party is). 
  2. Thank you notes should never be sent electronically
  3. Make sure to accommodate the expectant couple's schedules. If this is a surprise work with close friends/ family members to avoid date conflicts. 
  4. Modern baby showers can include both parents (and modern etiquette dictates this as the way to do it). However, if the party is being thrown by a group of girlfriends, sorority, etc, it is okay to let the dad sit it out. If this is the case- get someone to throw a "dad" party for fun things for baby and daddy. 
  5. No matter which "side" of the family is throwing the party, immediate family members should be included. For instance, if the mom's family is throwing one, the dad's parents, siblings, and grandparents should ALWAYS be invited, and the same with the dad's family. Honestly, it's just rude not to include them. 
  6. It is okay to have showers for second, third, etc babies. They should be celebrated too. However, it is acceptable to make these a "diaper and wipe" party. Also, if the baby is of a different gender, it can even be clothes and gear party. 
  7. Want to throw a party and focus on the parents? Throw a pampering party and ask for gifts to relax mom and dad- maybe even get the family and friends to volunteer to cook on the week baby arrives. 
  8. Strict with traditions? Tradition states that close family members should never throw a baby shower. However, what's the fun in that! 
  9. Be gracious, no matter what- always show appreciation for the party, gifts, and guests presence. 
  10. Show your appreciation for the host/ hostess. Don't forget that thank you note, but why not pick up something super special for them!
  11. Baby showers should be held 4 to 6 weeks before the due date, although having one after baby's arrival could be fun as well. 
  12. When throwing a baby shower, ask for anyone the honoree would really like to be there. 
  13. If you want to take a baby to a shower, be sure to clear it with the hostess/ honoree. Sometimes it is fine, but other times just not appropriate. When making this decision keep in mind your baby's temperament, age, closeness to the honoree. If your baby starts crying, politely excuse yourself. If someone focuses too much on your baby, redirect the focus to the mom-to-be. 
  14. Always remember general etiquette rules. 
Now that I've had my say about baby shower etiquette and finally gotten that off my chest, what are your thoughts on baby showers?

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