10 Tips For Using Cloth Diapers

I am fairly new to the cloth diapering world, only having started with Kodabug. We love using them at home, but we generally don't use them when we are out and about. We aren't generally gone for more than a couple hours, so when we do, I just stick with disposables. However, I plan on that changing this summer. I just haven't committed to it because we are having an unusually cold winter here in South Carolina. Well, I wanted to share with you some things I have learned since we started using cloth diapers.

10 Tips For Using Cloth Diapers

1. Try different brands until you find what you like. I love Sunflower Baby

2. Make it as simple as you can- find out how to make using them simpler for you and you will stick with the commitment. 

3. While you are cloth diapering, try cloth wipes- It isn't going to add to your workload

4. If you can, decide on the same day each week to deal with dirty diapers. That way, you aren't trying to fit everything else in and you can focus on the dirty, at least while you're starting. 

5. Explore the benefits of cloth diapering, such as them being easier on baby's bottom. When there are reasons like this, we tend to be more likely to stick to it. 

6. Purchase the equipment you need- pail, pail liners, wet bag, and detergent. 

7. Use flush-able liners if you are using them while out and about- trust me, these help!

8.  Don't stress about poop! Yes, you have to flush it from a cloth diaper, but it isn't that difficult and legally, you are supposed to flush even from a disposable diaper (I know, crazy!)

9. Enjoy those cute diapers, take pictures, and think of all the money you aren't sending to the landfill and think of the healthier world you are helping to create! 

10. Read- blogs, forums, company sites, ebooks. Read about cloth diapering, there is always something new to learn, or some really cool tip. 

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