Stay Cool: How to Use Ceiling Fans at Home

Ceiling fans have fallen out of popularity in many areas, and since people can rely on their heating and cooling units to keep their home comfortable, they often don’t want to install ceiling fans. However, modern ceiling fans don’t look like the old ones, and they can really add a lot of style to your home. In fact, every room in your house can benefit from a ceiling fan practically.

Use this guide to learn more about how to decorate your home with ceiling fans. You’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills and you’ll absolutely love the look.

1. Make sure the finish matches other things in the room. For example, a room very well might have a certain type of metal like chrome or brass on pieces of hardware. This is particularly true for bedrooms that often feature dressers or handles on doors. Choose ceiling fans that match existing hardware in any room.

2. Pick a low-profile ceiling fan in a small room or one with a low ceiling. A fan that’s too big will make the room look smaller, but picking one that’s the right size will make it nearly unnoticeable.

3. Use a natural wood ceiling fan to make your space feel more natural or rustic. Wood ceiling fans are easy to care for and they can make any space really look their best. Dark wood or heavily polished wood can also work in very modern spaces instead of metal.

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