New Makeup By One Direction: Limited Edition Beauty Collection

Disclosure: I received samples to review. All opinions are my own. 

As I've mention before, I really know nothing of One Direction, but I have fallen in love with their makeup. I do have friends and family that are fans though. One Direction has worked with Markwins to create an amazing line of makeup, complete with limited edition packaging. I've been a fan of Markwins for years, but they have taken to a new level!

Whether you have a One Direction fan in your life, or a makeup fan in your life, this gift fits both!

This line was created with fans in mind and the members of One Direction were actually very involved in the process. There are photos of them on Facebook working on the line.

The collection is bold, fun, and a tad mischievous! There are 5 tins available (one for each band member). Each tin contains the same shades, so there is no need to sweat getting the right colors. The colors included are those that are flattering to everyone, so it's a win-win.

The tins contain:
Eye Shadows:
Nobody Compares- Metallic silver
Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
Same Mistakes- Metallic mint
I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
Summer Love- Smokey purple haze
Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer

Eye Pencil:
I Want- True matte black

Lip Gloss:
Loved You First- Bubble gum pink
One Thing- Frosted pink ice
Irresistible- Shimmered pearl
Heart Attack- Creamy rose shine

Lip Gloss Top Coat:
Over Again- Silver glitter sparkle

Nail Varnish:
Stole My Heart- Magenta pink shimmer
Alive- Multi-coloured glitter flakes

Just throw this and your mascara in a bag and you're good to go! 

A range of makeup and cosmetic products celebrating youth, style, and the uninhibited lifestyle of a new generation. Celebrating life with bold shades, unique formulae and infused with limited edition collectable packaging, Makeup from One Direction is fun, bold, often irreverent, with a touch of cheeky mischievousness. Offered at prices that every girl and woman can afford.

These kits became available November 15th at Sears USA, Kmart, Target, and Walmart Canada. Be sure to pick one (or 5) up for your favorite One Direction or Makeup fan this Christmas. 

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