Look What I Found: Get Minted For The Holidays

Disclaimer: I have been compensated to write this post. However, All opinions are my own. 

I have been meaning for some time to bring back Southern Charm Sundays. I miss doing them, but sadly, just haven't had the inspiration. I have found my inspiration though! Minted has reminded me of my love for proper etiquette- maybe I'll even start back on my book!

I know that we are right next door to Christmas, but there is still some time for a special Christmas gift (or gift card). Have you picked out your thank you cards yet? Why not get some custom ones. While you're at it, start the New Year off right with some amazing stationary that will help you uphold that resolution of staying in touch, using traditional mail more, or remembering to say thank you.

No matter your reason for stationary or custom print gifts, Minted has you covered. I have been amazed at the options they have.


Minted captured my heart with this framed image. With images like this, you can choose between a ton of options. Frames, no frame, museum or standard paper, and even customize the images in the print. There are many different customizable prints to choose from, as well as some quote images, maps, birthstones,and even zodiac images. The price points are fantastic as well. 

Other gift ideas include ornaments, kids room signs, stationery, calendars, notebooks, address books, and even personalized gift wrap. 


To me, there is nothing like pretty custom note cards. That is one thing that I am lost without. I have a box of them, keep a few in my planner, a few in my glove box (along with calling cards), and all over the house. I tend to use them as Thank you cards too, and I send a lot! 

wrap address labels
I love letter style stationary as well, it is just something I don't typically gravitate towards. That being said, Minted drug we right in, I spent quite a while browsing the stationary pages. They also offer designs especially for kids. What better way to teach your kids the importance of sending letters and thank you notes?

While shopping stationary, add an address book (I for one, really need to update mine), address labels, stickers, and gift tags. Psst. Their address labels have this really adorable wrap design. 

To me, there is something so special with starting the new year with fresh stationery. In fact, that is usually my Christmas gift to myself. I pick up my calendar, get note cards, thank you cards, stickers, address labels, and sit down to organize it all. This is part of my week long organization process. I organize my planner, update my address book, and make sure there are no thank you notes that I have forgotten to send. 


There is something magical about Christmas and New Years parties. Maybe it is the joy in the air, the happiness surrounding us, or the effort everyone takes to make memories and make special days. I have long dreamed of throwing the ultimate holiday party. Well, bad weather has kept me from doing it this year, but I am planning on it next year. Yes, I will plan this party all year because that is how I do things. I will collect decor, pin inspiration, and start purchasing custom options. Minted will be my go to or custom options, of course. 

To me, nothing beats an old fashioned elegant dinner party. My mother often threw these during my childhood and I loved helping her set up and make custom dish cards and place cards. We always had fun coming up with new ways of displaying them. Well, I just do not have the time to do all of this. My trick in the past has been to buy gorgeous ones and write names (I love calligraphy). 

Now, I will most likely be outsourcing it all. Minted offers free guest name printing! How amazing is that? 

Minted also offers invitations, bunting banners, table runners, photo backdrops, signs, menu cards, and so much more. 

If you are throwing a party, attending a party, resetting your stationary, or just like pretty things, Minted is your destination. 

Check the site out and tell me your favorite item. 

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