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I know you all know how much I love apps for the kids, especially those that are educational (even better if they don't realize it). This new discovery of SplashMath Apps (iTunes) has me reeling with excitement.

There are two versions of SplashMath- the pre-k version and the grades 1-5 version. They are both packed full of features (and even offer a paid version- there is limited daily access with the free version). With these apps, you can enter your email and get a weekly progress report of your child's progress. How awesome is that?

Tbomb loves these- I got them as a supplement to homeschool, to use during "free time," but Tbomb wants to play them all the time.

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 Splash Math Educational Kids Apps #MomBuzz #FreeMathApp


Great for beginners and as a reinforcement. This pre-k app has counting, addition, subtraction, comparing, measurement, geometry, and so much more. I love that these are the skills that need so much more reinforcement, and this is in a game! There is positive feedback and gentle redirection. The bright colors and fun voices make it appealing to kids. They can even earn prizes for completing units. With a weekly progress report for your child, it makes a great prequel to the grades 1-5 app.

Grades 1-5

My little guy has been enjoying this app. We got it as a supplement to homeschool, to use during “free time,” but it has become a go to for regular screen time. He gets so excited while playing it and it is very encouraging. He is a beginner to math, but this app offers everything he needs to excel. There is narration, a scratch pad, and exciting colors and graphics. There is positive reinforcement for correct answers and gentle correction for wrong answers. I love that I can get a weekly report of his progress.

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