Gifts For Kids: I'm Dreaming of A Techy Christmas

 My very tech oriented family has teamed up to bring you a gift guide of our top gift items. These are tech centered and unique. 

These kids gifts are fun, educational, multi-purpose, and help parents get things done.


The LeapBand is the best toy this year. Tbomb loves it. I love that it encourages physical activity. It also has parental settings to program quiet time, like sleep and school. During these times, it is simply a watch. Some of the features are caring for digital pets, earning gems, and teaching time. 

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TheO SmartBall

TheO SmartBall is a must have for any parent with a smartphone. This amazing invention allows games to be played on a device and keep it protected. they can even throw it around. 

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Meet Lulu

Meet Lulu is everything in one. It is a coloring book, stylus, app all in one. There are even QR  codes on each page so they are turned into digital coloring pages. Plus, it teaches about recycling. Amazing. 

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KidLid is on my list too. I love being able to set the kids up with some educational videos while I make phone calls or cook dinner, but I have a problem. The kids get excited and lean on my laptop or decide they want to push buttons. The KidLid fixes all of that. 

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BlueBee Pals

Bluebee Pals are my kids favorite. They can watch movies together and snuggle their lion. This is a must have for connected kids. 

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Other Suggestions

Other items that are great for the tech kid in your life are kid friendly headphones, tablet stand for the car, shockproof case for a tablet, and even a fun stylus. 

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