Bluebee Pals: I'm Dreaming of A Techy Christmas

Disclosure: I received a sample to review. All opinions are my own. 

When I started thinking about the gift guide for The Palmetto Queen this year, I knew right away what I wanted the focus to be on. My family is very techy.Why=ile I love traditional toys, our busy family stays sane with technology. Because of this, I bring you the git guide: I'm Dreaming of a Techy Christmas.

While compiling the guide, I was introduced to the coolest tech children's product I have seen yet! Bluebee Pals Interactive Bluetooth Enabled Plush Toys are the top of my list for kids this year! Tbomb absolutely loves his. He received a tablet for his birthday to assist with homeschooling and to keep him occupied while mommy works. He loves calling it his "grown up tablet," as opposed to the other one he had. With this newest addition of accessories for his tablet, he is even more set up for tablet fun.

Tbomb received the lion and loves it! He loves that we can connect it to any bluetooth enabled device, like my laptop, his tablet, or even my phone. It's mouth even moves along with the words. He gets a kick out of watching it read his stories and watching it's mouth move while talking to those family members we love so much. Kodabug loves it too, she just laughs at it. 

The Bluebee Pals work with any app, for an awesome experience for all the little ones. My favorite thing is that I can hang his tablet and play music or a cartoon, and he can snuggle up with that lion in his bed without the tablet risking its life. It's great in the car too because we do not have to worry about headphone cords and Kodabug can listen along as well.

The Bluebee pals are huge too! The lion is actually bigger than Kodabug (although is is kind of small for one years old). This has been a definite win in our house. I can't wait to get Kodabug her own, especially since she keeps trying to snatch Tbomb's. The sound quality is awesome too, not crackly like some of the pillow speakers we have had in the past. 

Check out the new commercial that highlights the awesome features: 

The Bluebee Pals puppy is available at Toys 'R Us stores nationwide, while all others are available on their website.

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Guess what?! Because you guys are so awesome, Bluebee Pals is offering a giveaway to the readers of The Palmetto Queen. They are offering a $50 Toys 'R Us gift card to one lucky reader. Want to know how to enter? It's super simple! Just comment below and tell me how a Bluebee Pal would benefit your kids! Good Luck. A winner will be chosen at random on December 11, 2014.

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  1. I would love to have one of these for my Grandchildren! Finally something that can be educational and fun!

    1. Congratulations! You won! Please email me at thepalmettoqueen(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize. Thank you!

  2. This would be awesome for road trips with the kids

  3. I would like this for reading time with the little ones

  4. Great for independent activities while I cook dinner