A New Chapter: 10 Pound Pledge #pq10poundPledge

Disclaimer: I am participating in a promotional review campaign. All opinions are my own and I promise to be honest as I go through the process.

As I have written about before, my weight has been a constant issue for many years in my life. It is something I struggle with and I know it will be a challenge for the rest of my life. I have tried many different tactics to get the weight off. However, most of these tactics have been designed to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible. That is obviously not the best tactic for me.

As I've gotten older (I turned 30 in June), I've realized just how important it is that I get my weight under control and do it in a healthy way that will help ensure that it stays off. Well, now, I am trying a different tactic. I am going to be starting The 10 Pound Pledge.

This program is designed by fitness coach Kamila McDonald and the challenge is to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks. This makes me feel confident, and not like I am not setting myself up for failure.

Kami has designed workout ad a nutrition plan to help us achieve this goal. They are available for help throughout the program as well. There is no shake to make, no special meals to buy, no huge equipment to buy. Once you join the program, you have everything you need. How great is that? You can get started right away!

I am so excited about this, I would like you all to join along with me. Are you wanting to lose a lot of weight, a few pounds, maintain your weight, or even get healthier? Then join in with me. You can do the program, and join me in this pledge. Let's use #pq10poundPledge in social media.

If you want to come along on this journey, you can get a special 10% discount by going here.

So, head on over and sign up. Then share a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post letting us all know you are joining in. (Be sure to tag me @cari_on on Twitter and Instagram and fb.com/thepalmettoqueen on Facebook).

Be sure to join in, get excited, do some exciting social media shares, and get ready to do this thing. We will start December 26th!

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