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I took Spanish in high school and struggled to get an A. In college, I decided to learn Latin. That was a mistake, I could not learn with the professor's teaching style (read this section for a quiz next time). I have always wanted to become fluent in another language, but I've never achieved this. I know the importance, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Rosetta TranslationTranslation services are something I have in my "toolbox" for that just in case thing. I may come across a client some day that I need something translated for. I also may need a document translated for research purposes with my paranormal work. The company I keep handy is Rosetta Translation. Rosetta Translation is an international translation agency, that is headquartered in London. When it comes to translating, quality should be top of the list and Rosetta Translation is among the best in the world.

Rosetta Translation offers services in all major languages. Their services offered include translations in several fields, including legal, financial, technical, and medical. They even offer business and contract translation. Rosetta Translation also offers interpretation services.  With their 10th anniversary's arrival, they have the experience you need for translation services.

If you have international clients (like I do), travel, or have an interest that may span languages, Rosetta Translation has a service for you. Be like me and keep them in your "toolbox."

Are you fluent in another language or two? Rosetta Translation even hires freelance translators.

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