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I have always enjoyed giving Christmas gifts. However, for a while, it got very stressful trying to find just the right gift for everyone, especially since I worked retail. After spending all day helping strangers shop, I just didn't want to think about what someone else wished for. Plus, the stress of spending the same amount on certain people, then making sure they can exchange the gift if it was not right, and making sure it was something they wouldn't buy for themselves in the mean time. STRESSFUL to the point that I no longer enjoyed it. I resorted to buying gift cards or minimizing holiday gatherings I attended.

These days, there is a different type of holiday stress. After spending so much energy trying to figure out the best gifts for the kids, I just do not have the energy or time to worry about what to get everyone else. I usually just ask, but that is almost like cheating. Well, now there is an amazing alternative. makes gift giving for everyone similar to the process of shopping for a baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding. Now, anyone can have a registry for the gifts their hearts desire.

The really awesome thing about is that the gifts can be added from any store online, by clicking the "add to registry" button. You can even add cash gift fund to your registry, which allows several people to contribute to a large gift, like a TV, computer, or even a vacation. After the wish list is created, you can share it on social media, via a digital card, or share the link with your friends and family. When someone wants to purchase a gift on your registry, they just click the "View or Buy this gift" button and it will redirect them to the store’s website where they would purchase the item.

There are a ton of other cool features as well, like being able to add Offline gifts from your favorite brick and mortar store that doesn’t have a website. Their cash fund even allows you to tastefully request cash for specific things like a ‘College Fund’. There is even a bookmarklet for the mobile app, making it easy to edit your wish list on the go!

Do you already have a bridal registry at your favorite store? With you can sync or link your other registries onto your wish list. This makes it easy to add just one link to your save the date cards, instead of three or four!

When the kids get a bit older, we will make sure to use because I am always being asked what people should get them for birthdays and Christmas. I really hate answering that question because I always feel like it’s begging. But, with this, everyone can keep the link handy and refer to it when needed.

I have also forced my husband to sit down with and create his list. He is by far the hardest person to shop for. If I ask him, he won't tell me. Well, here is our solution.

I see tons of other uses for Why not keep a running list of things you need or want for the household? Or create a housewarming wish list when you’re getting ready for a new home! Are you part of a non-profit that has a need for certain items donated? Create a wish list and share it on your site and in social media. The uses are endless, but you can start with your Christmas wish list!

Just remember when shopping and asking this season, that the most important part of the holidays is to be with those you love. Cherish them!

Disclaimer: I have been compensated to write this article. All opinions are my own.

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