Include Energy-Efficient Windows In Your Renovation

If you're thinking about home renovation, replace your old windows with new vinyl windows to improve insulation and ventilation and update your home's appearance.

Older wooden windows become brittle and dry over time. Years of sun, rain and freezing temperatures cause wood frames to blister, crack and warp leaving you with windows that are hard to open and close. Warped and cracked frames also loosen the glass causing air leaks and improper ventilation. If your windows have never been upgraded, a home renovation is the perfect time to install new vinyl windows.

If you have any of these problems with your existing windows, it's time to replace them:

* windows are difficult to open and close
* windows don't go up or down evenly
* drafts of hot or cold air around window edges and sills
* window frames are cracking, warping or damaged
* windows are difficult to lock
* chips, dents or cracks in the glass

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

* Maintenance-Free – vinyl frames require no painting or upkeep
* Durable – vinyl frames are not damaged by heat, cold or moisture
* Affordable – vinyl windows are less expensive than wood to purchase and install
* Eco-Friendly – petroleum based vinyl won't harm the environment
* Colorfast – baked on finishes won't fade, crack, blister or stain
* Energy Efficient – vinyl windows provide excellent sound and thermal control

According to the Department of Energy, you can save up to 15 percent in yearly energy costs by installing Energy Star vinyl windows, and double-pane windows save you even more money than single-pane windows.

If you're thinking about home renovation, get a quote today on new, energy-efficient vinyl windows for improved home comfort, ventilation and energy costs.

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