Get A Grown Up Gift This Christmas at Best Buy #HintingSeason

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I had an interesting conversation with my mother earlier about Christmas gifts. We were talking about Christmas for the kids and the other grandkids, when all of a sudden she stopped talking about the kids and asked "Well, what do you and the Mr want for Christmas?" 

I explained that this isn't something I had even considered, so she told me to talk with the Mr and let her know. He and I talked about it and basically confirmed what I had been thinking. If we decide to get ourselves a Christmas gift, it will be something more for the whole family than anything. As far as telling other people, we would rather gifts go to the kids. 

After talking with him even more, we have decided that we want a new TV, especially since both of ours are "tube" style televisions. (I know, it's shocking). Since we are both technology nuts, we are always in awe of the different features. The LG OLED at Best Buy is catching our eyes these days! (Psst, the every day low price at Best Buy is $3499.99, which is a savings of $500!)

Have you seen LG OLED TV- the ultimate display? This display gives the most vibrant whites and deepest blacks. It uses LG's exclusive 4 color pixel technology to deliver the brightest, most vibrant colors. 

It is unlike any technology you have ever seen. The curved screen adds to the image experience and it is .21" thick at it's thinnest point. It will exceed your wildest imagination! 

Best Buy is one of my stops every Christmas season (where else would be with such a techy family) and this year I know one of the items I will not want to leave the store without. Be sure to check out the LG OLED TV when you visit again! 

Do you love twitter parties? Best Buy is hosting an LG OLED Twitter Party on Thursday December 4th at 7PM CST. Feel free to join this party for a chance to receive Best Buy gift cards and other great prizes. Tweet #HintingSeason with your top gifts that you want this Holiday from Best Buy.

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