Must Have Products: Thirty-One Love

Disclaimer; I received products to review. All opinions are my own. In fact, I was planning on writing the posts in this series, even without being sent the products!

I don't know if you guys have figured this out yet or not, but I am absolutely in love with all things about Thirty-One Gifts. I love everything about the company. The products, the salesladies, the quality, the embroidery. Seriously, everything.

When I received my very first item, I fell in love. I mean, seriously- Thirty-One is like heaven for an organizer. Fast forward a few years and I use their products in every area of my life. In all honesty, I really should sell this stuff.

So, when they asked me to write a review for them, of course I jumped on board. I decided very quickly that I would do a whole series. This series will include: review for the products I received, tips for ordering from Thirty-One Gifts, a couple of 31 uses posts, and even posts about all the good that Thirty-One does. Exciting, right?

To start off, let's talk about the products that I was sent. I received the Timeless Beauty bag and the Baubles and Bracelets Case. These can both be seen in the catalog. They are amazing and another couple of items that have unlimited uses.

This is the Baubles and Bracelets case. It is the perfect size for traveling with jewelry. It even comes with 2 mesh drawstring bags for separating jewelry. It is the perfect size for traveling with jewelry. It easily holds enough for me for a week and I wear different jewelry each day. The straps on the lid are made for earrings and rings. The top one has holes for your earring and a snap to make adding and removing easier. The bottom does not have the holes, but snaps for adding and removing rings. Like other Thirty-One products, the construction is awesome and it will stand up for years to come. This particular print is "Navy Lotsa Dots."

As usual, I use this case differently than its intended purpose. It works great for jewelry, but it is perfect for my electronics! I use this in my investigation pack to hold my extra batteries, chargers, emergency chargers, It is great for my tripod adapters, small microphone, and whatever else I might need to go with my equipment. What's great is that the case is small enough to throw in my road trip bag as well without having to repack everything. 

The Timeless Beauty Bag is oh so amazing! Look at all the compartments! Plus, it is adorable folded up. I love the plastic flap above the brush holders to keep makeup from getting everywhere. One handle has a snap feature allowing you to hang it on a bar or your suitcase. While its intended purpose is for beauty tools, I have been exploring other possibilities. I used it in a recent trip as a busy bag for Tbomb, but now I have taken it over. I now use it to organize my planning supplies. It is so nice to pull it out when planning my week. I just unfold it and can see everything I have without having to unpack the makeup case I had been using. I love that it fits EVERYTHING I need. 

We will be revisiting this a couple more times during this season and talking about how to create a busy bag using the Timeless Beauty Bag. Also, I will be sharing 31 uses for the Timeless Beauty Bag, so stay tuned. 

Thirty-One Gifts is the ultimate company for moms. The products are amazing, useful, beautiful, personalized, and amazing price points. In fact, the average cost of products is $25. The products and patterns are changed up seasonally, so that there is always something new! The products are available nationally through independent sales consultants. To find your own independent sales consultant, visit Thirty-One Gifts.

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