Marlin And Percy: #FreeDownload and #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given a download to review. All opinions are my own.

Tbomb is REALLY into superheros. He loves his cape his buddy J gave him (They wore them together all week), and is always fighting the bad guys. He is completely obsessed with Spiderman. We just had his bigfoot birthday party and he has already requested that his next birthday be superheros.

While he loves reading and books, he doesn't always want to sit down and pay attention. I had never thought of comic books for him, I guess because I am not a comic book gal.

Matt Miller, creator of Marlin and Percy contacted me, asking me to check out his series of comic books about super heroes to encourage reading. I thought, hey, that's genius and gladly accepted.

I downloaded it and sent it to Tbomb's tablet. He opened it as soon as he saw it and said "Mommy, that's a good guy, will you read it to me?"

He sat still the whole time as we read it. Through the whole story, Tbomb picked out the good guys and bad guys and asked questions. After reading it a couple times, he told me the story. This was much easier in comic book style than traditional book style, since each idea has a window.

I'm sold!

These comic books are written with the young reader in mind, while there is enjoyment to be had for older readers as well. One thing I really enjoyed was that the comics are written in classic good vs evil style from when I was a kid. So many books and cartoons have the lines blurred these days. 

At the end of the comic is a fact about problems that effect kids all over the world, with suggestions on how your child can help. In the issue I reviewed, it discussed kids not having clean drinking water. 

Encouraging kids to read, teaching good vs evil, and encouraging volunteering all in one- definitely a winner! 

The creators of Marlin and Percy have offered a free download of issue #001. 
Just go here

Even better, they are offering 2 lifetime passes for 2 readers of The Palmetto Queen. Just comment below with what you enjoy about the series Marlin and Percy. 

Winner will be announced October 21. 

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  1. Started reading the free download with my two year old and we are loving it. When we got to the part where they first introduce "the girl with the blue headband," I giggled: it reminded me of The man with the yellow hat in Curious George. Can't wait to read this with my four and six year old tonight for bedtime, they love superhero anything!