Formula Made My Baby Happy #Giveaway

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When Tbomb was born, I had my heart set on breast feeding. For about a week, I would feed about every hour. I was exhausted. I was at a loss. I didn't think that he should feed that much. Worse than that, he cried like he was hungry constantly and when I would feed him, it hurt so so so bad. That pain is still in my memory, even 4 years later. 

When Tbomb was a week old, a tragedy in my eyes turned into a blessing. I took him for his check up. His doctor knew something was wrong and asked how I was doing. I told him about my cesarean incision hurting soo bad. When he took a look at it, he demanded I be admitted to the hospital. I knew the nurse forgot to give me an antibiotic, but didn't know until later that it almost killed me. I was admitted to the hospital for 10 days, on IV (picline) antibiotics or a month, and a wound vac for 3 months. It was torture, but I'm here to see my little guy growing up and now I have Kodabug. 

I insisted that I had to go home before the hospital and he agreed. I fed Tbomb one last time, crying the whole time. You see, I knew I he had to have formula while mommy was away. My husband got me settled at the hospital and went back to be with our son. My mother in law fixed a bottle and Tbomb ate like he had been starving. When they told me this, I knew the answer. My husband and I decided to just give up. But, this ended up being the best thing we could do. When Kodabug was born, we knew the answer. I had been afraid this would happen. My body just didn't produce enough milk, just like my mom's and her mom's. 

For a while, this changed me. I felt defeated, like a failure. Then, one day it hit me, I was doing what was best for my baby. That made it okay. 

Infant Formula Made in the U.S.A
I told you all that to tell you this. It doesn't matter why you choose to use formula. Maybe you need to supplement, maybe you are like me, or maybe you just don't want to breast feed. It's your choice and you don't have to feel like you are letting your child down. You also don't have to sell your child to afford formula (believe me, I've thought that). I want to take this time to share about store brand formula. It is just as good of quality as the other brands. There are laws that govern this. (Information: Here)

With my Kodabug just turning one, a niece turning one this week, and a nephew due in December, formula has been discussed in my circles a lot lately. It was perfect timing when Perrigo Nutritionals contacted me with this information. I'm so happy to be able to pass along information and answer questions. 

Mom Questions

Being moms, we know there are so many questions about every issue involving our babies. I feel like I may have over analyzed many things and asked too many questions sometimes. But, I just remind myself that I'm taking care of my baby, so "too many questions" is jut not possible. 

Did you know that pediatricians have reported the top 3 types of questions parents ask them. With 97% of parents asking questions about feeding, pediatricians have reported that feeding is the number one concern for 52% of parents. This is followed closely by "pooping" and sleeping. 

Pediatricians were asked about store brand formulas. 71% believe that all infant formulas are basically the same. So, this many pediatricians believe that brand doesn't matter. That's pretty shocking! While they agree on the benefits of breastfeeding, they also agree that formula feeding is a safe and nutritious option. 

The FDA strictly regulates formula. So, store brands and national brands are comparable and meet FDA standards. Did you know that switching to a store brand can save the average family $600 a year without compromising quality??! Shocking huh!

My biggest question was if feeding formula instead of breastfeeding would harm my child. Really, it was about the studies showing the benefits of breastfeeding. It wasn't fair that I was forced to feed formula and my son would suffer. His pediatrician quickly put me at ease and talked to me about the studies and what they meant. 

I'm no doctor or scientist, but I do not see any difference in my children and breast fed babies. 

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Comment below for your chance to win! I'd love to hear what your biggest question was as a new mom (or mom again). Winner will be chosen randomly October 23. 


  1. My biggest question: Is it normal for a baby to wake up every 2 hours?!

    My first child just wouldn't sleep and it was driving me bonkers. Luckily baby #2 and #3 were much better sleepers.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

    1. I had that question off and on. Tbomb would wake up like that for about a week straight every few months. Turns out, he was having intellectual spurts!

  2. Question: Could I be spoiling my baby by picking him up every time he cries?

    1. I had the same question. I had times when I've had to let both of them cry through it, but sometimes, especially with gas problems and with teething, I had to pick them up when they cried.

  3. I had a hard time to figure out when to start solid food.

    1. That was tough for me as well. Ultimately, I took cues from Tbomb and Kodabug and just used what the pediatrician said as a guideline. It turned out that starting earlier was the best thing for both of them.

  4. My biggest probblem was getting them to sleep through the night as quickly as possible.

  5. My biggest question was about whether or not I was feeding him enough or too much. It's really easy to get paranoid about whether your child needs to be fed & that he's not getting enough nutrients or if you are feeding him more than he needs.
    prettyinhotpink6 at gmail dot com

  6. My biggest question was always whether the baby was crying because they were hungry or for another reason.

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