Dare to be Healthier

I don't know about you guys, but I'm in for it when someone dares me to do something. If I'm dared, I must do it. Maybe that's something I'm holding on to from my teenage years, or maybe it's human nature. Sadly, taking care of myself is no different than crazy teenage dares.

I know I need to drink a certain number of glasses of water a day, but do I do it? NO! My husband recently dared me to drink 8 glasses a day for a week. He had been telling me how much better I would fee, but that made no difference. He dared me, and I did it. It is the same for going to the doctor. My mother had been on me about going to the cardiologist and I wouldn't even make a doctor's appointment. I really dislike going to the doctor (I guess I have more ways like a teenager). Then she dared me. Guess what I did 2 minutes later? Yep, made an appointment!

I must not be the only person like this because United Healthcare has started a "We Dare You To Share" campaign. Each month there are different dares to complete that involve sharing information, fitness challenges, and testing your knowledge (I got the question right!). In October, you are dared to show a photo of your walking shoes. I'll be sure to this weekend, since we have a bigfoot expedition (wahoo!)

With the fitness challenge, you are dared to log your time spent exercising. I started logging my time today and look forward to seeing where I stand as the challenge progresses.

By completing these challenges, you are entered to win some amazing prizes. Each challenge has a grand prize winner and a weekly winner. The prizes include $400 sporting goods gift certificate, $25 gift card, and a Kindle Fire HDX 16G Tablet. The entry is easy, just complete a challenge. Be sure to read the entry rules

Follow the Dare

While you are completing the challenges is the perfect time to study up on your health care options. 

United Healthcare is a great option if you need to purchase an individual healthcare plan. I used to have it because small businesses are better able to help their employees secure health insurance. The options they offer are amazing, especially tied with a health savings account. I thought it was cool that they offered incentives and discounts for preventative care. In fact, if I had not become a stay (work) at home mom, I would still have them!

I dare you to participate in this challenge! 

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