Mail Call: #VitaVoxBox

Disclaimer: I am part of the Influenster Network. For this, I receive samples to review. All opinions are my own.

It is no secret that Influenster is one of my favorite networks. I love that every box is different- I get so excited when I get that email that it is on its way! Also, I love that I can do as much or as little to earn new badges as I want. If my schedule is hectic, I can make adjustments. I have found so many great products through this program! This time, I was selected for the Vitality Vox Box (#vitavoxbox)

I was very impressed with the products this go round! 

1. Softlips Cube. I love the way it makes my lips feel. They are so moisturized. It is a 5 in 1 and even has spf in it. My only complaint is that because it is a cube, I can't put it in my pocket. I have to keep it in my makeup case, or it gets lost in the bottom of my bag and gets nasty. 

2. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future sample. I enjoyed using this sample, but wish it was a larger size. It is just hard to tell how good something is without a larger sample size. However, I did like how it made my face feel after using it. 

3. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. I do love these tampons. They are comfortable and you don't have to worry about leaking when you are chasing the kids. 

4. Pure Leaf Lemon tea. I LOVE this stuff- so yummy. If you haven't tried it, you must. This company does a lot to "pay it forward," so be sure to tweet/ Instagram with #loveofleaves

5. Bikini Ready Gummies. I really wish I had gotten a larger sample of these. Some Influencers received a bottle, but I received a sample with 2 gummies. The taste was great, and as far as I could tell really would help with energy levels. The recommended dose is 5 a day though, so I couldn't give an accurate try. 

6. First Degree Burn Cream. This might just be my favorite of all. I love natural/ homeopathic remedies. In fact, my aloe plant died last winter and I keep meaning to get another. The problem with this preference is that it isn't always handy. First Degree burn cream is homeopathic, so I love having this for the kids. In fact, I keep it in the diaper bag- that way I have it no matter where I am. 

What did you think of this VoxBox? 

Not an Influenster? Email me at thepalmettoqueen(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send you an invite. Also, if you have questions about the products mentioned, ask away. 

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