I Just Love Parties: #FitMadeFun

Disclaimer: I had the privilege of hosting a MomSelect party and received goodies for the party. All opinions are my own. 

This year, LeapFrog and Clif have partnered to get kids active this fall. With the release of the LeapBand and Clif Kid ZBAR Protein, getting healthy more fun that ever before. To celebrate, Fit Made Fun Day was celebrated in California on September 6th. Families were encouraged to participate in 60 minutes of motion either at the event or virtually. The goal was to set a world record with the most people moving at once. Fun, right.

Update from LeapBand: Soccor star, Mia Hamm, and over 300 kids and parents became Guiness World Record Holders on September 6th for most people hopping on one foot (321), most people making sand angels (292), and most people doing the swim dance (318) at the Fit Made Fun beach event in Santa Monica, California.  

Considering that 75% of children do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise, this is a huge feat!

We have to work together to find ways of getting our children more active and eating healthier. LeapFrog and CLIF ZBAR is helping, and making huge strides. We have to take this further because this is the first generation of children not expected to live longer than their parents.

Lets take some inspiration from LeapFrog, CLIF, and Mia Hamm to make our children realize how fun being active is. I don't know about your child, but Tbomb would like nothing more than to hop around on one foot all day long!

Gathering for our party.

As part of their virtual event, my family was chosen to host a party. We did our party on September 6th. We held a play date, provided snacks, and let the kids run wild. We made sure the kids drank plenty of water, had some fruit, and ate thier Clif Kid ZBar Protein.

We Had plenty of activities to keep the kids busy, like 4 year olds really need help with this?!

I met a few other moms at a park and asked them each to bring outside toys that encouraged movement. This ended up being the best thing for 4 year olds. We ended up with hula hoops, badminton sets, wagons, sacks, and anything else you could think of for outside play. We got the kids to take turn playing with the toys together.

I must say that this was definitely a success. In fact, I'm thinking of making this a common thing. Several times a month, we'll meet at the party and do this.

Because we only had a few kids at this play date, we were able to do it again at TBomb and Kodabug's birthday party. Letting the kids run wild in spurts allowed them to enjoy the party and not squirm trying to be still.

LeapBand is a truly unique children's product. It encourages movement through games. Tracking the child's movement, the virtual pets are taken care of. You can even connect it to your computer to set school and sleep mode. In these modes, the games are blocked, although movement is still tracked. During sleep and school times, the LeapBand functions as a watch. When connected to the computer, you can track progress and even add challenges, although there are built in challenges. There is even an app available from iTunes, Google Play, and LeapPad that corresponds to the LeapBand to earn extra rewards.

My favorite feature is that it requires no batteries- it is charged via USB port. Also, it is educational and encourages an active lifestyle. There are spelling challenges as well. Within a day, TBomb had started spelling CAT and DOG. He would randomly spell them throughout the day. The LeapBand is going to be one of the huge toys this year for Christmas as well. From The Toy Insider: "Congrats @LeapFrog #LeapBand on making our #TITech12 list! See the full list here: bit.ly/1sljhgqpic.twitter.com/OWFl5PolO4"

Clif Kid ZBAR Protein is Tbomb's new favorite snack. I actually can't believe he likes it, because he doesn't usually care for things like this. The bars come in mint chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and chocolate chip. Tbomb asks for them all the time. With them having 5g of protein, 3g of fiber, and made with organic whole grains, they are definitely a win in my book. ZBar Protein also has no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives, or artificial flavors. (There is also none of that horrible red or yellow dye in them).

If you are interested in getting kids together to get them moving, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and show that moving is the most fun, be sure to check out the LeapBand Party Planning Guide. There are tons of resources and printables to help make an active and memorable party!

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Check out the infographic below for ideas and tips to stay active!

Fall Family Fitness | As the playful days of summer come to a close, it's important to keep your family fit into fall! Here are a few ways to stay active. #FitMadeFun

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