I Crave: The Perfect Tweezers

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

As I'm sure all of you have figured out, I have a slight obsession with beauty tools. Well, tweezers are no different. 

I've found good ones in the past, but never the PERFECT tweezers. Precisio by iCrave Naturals!!!

These tweezers are nice and heavy duty- you can tell there is something in your hand. They are ultra sharp (hand filed edges), never have to be resharpened, and even have no slip grip. They are even medical grade, so can be used to remove ticks, splinters, debris, ingrown hairs, and any other first aid need. They come in a case for sanitary storage. The lifetime warrantee is great too, but with Crave Naturals, you will not be disappointed. 

Like most of you, my go to tweezers are a pair that came in a manicure kit (yes, they are zebra print). I keep those in my makeup for shaping my eyebrows and for that annoying thick (one) hair that grows beside my chin. They kind of did the job, but still would not get those find hairs in my eyebrows that keep your brows from looking perfect. Honestly, I didn't think there was anything better. I thought all tweezers were created equally. I was monstrously mistaken. 

I was living in dreamland until Crave Naturals asked me to try these out. When I got them, I didn't think there would be anything different. I opened the package and found the most beautiful branding for a beauty product. There was a cardboard tube (gorgeous) with a plastic sanitary tube inside. This is the home of the Precisio Tweezers. When I got the tube out, I could tell these were different. Now, excited to try them, I went to pluck my brows that were in serious mis-shape. I fell in love. They grabbed those thin hairs and allowed me to grab the intended hair to guarantee a better brow shape. Since they have some weight to them, they are easier to guide as well. 

I will never use another pair of tweezers again. They are even my go to first aid tweezers. Their permanent home is in my makeup case. 

Hint: sanitize after each use and store in the tube. Then, the Precisio is always ready for an emergency! 

(Yes Bigfoot Hunters, use these to collect evidence- seriously!)

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