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Disclaimer: I received banners to review. All opinions are my own. Thank you Best Of Signs

As a publicist, event planner, and business owner, the importance of branding and brand placement is something I often think about. This goes across my business, the businesses I help, and even the paranormal team.

Brand placement is one of my specialties. I like to get businesses started with the obvious to break that barrier and get them to embrace their branding. When it is on a sign in front of them, it is much easier to embrace.

Dealing with mostly brick-and-mortar businesses, signs are a huge part of what I do, so I wanted to share this amazing banner/ sign company with you entrepreneurs out there! has become my go to place for purchasing signs and banners. Best of Signs is by far the best company I've worked with for signs and banners.

The creation process is quick and simple. The shipping is fast. The quality is amazing. The price is perfect. A 3'x2' Banner (like pictured) is just $9, with the largest (8'x4') being only $32.99. Best Of Signs also offers magnetic signs, mesh signs, window signs, fabric banners, yard signs, vinyl lettering, vinyl stickers, and much more with very competitive pricing. They really are a one stop shop for all of your sign, decal, and banner needs.

The quality of these signs has amazed me. They are thick, the printing covers the front, the seams are reinforced, and the grommets are of great quality. These signs will last quite a while.

I urge you to check out Best Of Signs and get a banner for your team. There are tons of uses and you will not be disappointing

Tips for creating an amazing banner:

  1. Make sure the name of the group is prominent.
  2. Include a hashtag and/or Twitter handle.
  3. Include the URL (If simple) or Vanity URL, such as from
  4. Include a "call to action." I like to use a QR code because the landing page can be changed when needed.
  5. Either with color or size, make sure the intent of the banner stands out. For example, the Yellow of the Paralina banner gets attention, while the large #huntthenight on the CSPRI Inc banner draws eyes and encourages the use of the hashtab.
  6. Make sure your branding is consistent. If you need help with this, be sure to let me know- I'll be happy to help!
Check them out on the web:

Do you have any questions about brand placement that Best Of Signs or Cari On Media can answer?

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