She Is My Sunshine: Sunflower Baby Cloth Diapers

Disclosure: I got the chance to experience this diaper brand Sunflowerbaby All opinions are my own. Thank you Sunflowerbaby for this opportunity! 

Is that not the sweetest sight ever?! Kodabug thinks its funny to bury her face when the camera is pointed her direction. *bless her heart* I have to catch it just right to get anything with her. What's that on her bum? Why a Sunflower baby cloth diaper of course?!

Sunflower Baby Cloth Diapers Official, Our Diapers Always Stay Dry

Confession: I am a cloth diaper newbie, and not fully committed. As much as I wanted to, I never got on the band wagon of making that (mostly financial) commitment, when I wasn't sure it would work for my family. That being said, we have decided to use them some at home- during the day. It really does save money, especially since we are at home most of the time.

We were not hooked on a particular brand, so when I got the chance to use SunflowerBaby and review, I was excited to try them out.  My first thought was how stinkin' adorable they are!

We received the Sunflowerbaby Stay Dry in Strawberries ($25.95), along with a Stay Dry insert. This diaper fits babies from 8 to 35 lbs. There are two rows of snaps, which are durable and located in just the right places for a great fit!

Cheap Cloth Diapers

The thing about this particular diaper is that the insert and inner layer dries very fast and is quite breathable, more so than any other that I've experienced. Quite impressive! As breathable as they are, they are able to be used for quite a while without having to be replaced.

The lining is also very soft, which helps keep baby dry, and rash free. This is a nice feature, since you aren't supposed to use rash cream with cloth diapers. The pocket lining also has a fold over opening, so the liner is hidden, and helps keep it in place.

In addition to the amazing Stay Dry Diaper, Sunflowerbaby also has wet bags, extra liners, flushable liners (100 ct), diaper covers, and a 4-layer insert.

Look at speedy go! She will not be still. Usually if she is in something new - new clothes, new kind of diaper, hair bow, anything she isn't too sure and doesn't move a lot. But this baby diaper was so comfortable to her, she just took off. Go Kodabug go!

I urge you to visit and see the amazing diapers and accessories they have to offer. Take a look around their site and learn about cloth diapering. It really is a sound investment.