Local News: Mobile Orthodontist Partners With Schools

I wanted to share a press release I received today with you guys. I've shared about Dr. Tom with you before. Now, he's partnered with some upstate schools! The upstate is lucky to have Dr. Tom!

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Upstate Schools Partner with Dr. Tom’s BraceMobile, Bringing Orthodontic Services Directly to Local Campuses

Three Greenville schools lead the way in new, convenient orthodontic care

Greenville, S.C.— Dr. Tom Atkinson, fondly known as “Dr. Tom” — a leading orthodontist in Greenville, SC for 25 years and SC’s first ever mobile orthodontist — is proud to announce that HamptonPark Christian School, Langston Charter Middle School and Shannon Forest Christian School are partnering with Dr. Tom’s BraceMobile. These schools will become the first in South Carolina to offer the convenience ofstate-of-the-art orthodontic treatment on school property. This partnership significantly reduces the amount of class time ordinarily missed by students traveling back and forth for traditional orthodontic office visits. Also, parents of these students are excited to know they will neither miss as much work, nor be required to fight traffic as with traditional office visits. Just as innovatively, since parents won’t need to attend their child’s appointments on The BraceMobile, Dr. Tom will keep them fully informed regarding their child’s treatment status via his exclusive Video Progress Reports sent to their smartphone or e-mail accounts.

Dr. Tom expressed his excitement about the new school partnerships: “We are delighted to work with these three schools as we begin to sign up partners for the BraceMobile. We look forward to officially partnering with many more schools, both public and private, and plan to provide this service to as many as 15 Upstate schools as the school season begins. I look forward to providing our community with a level of orthodontic convenience and care never before experienced in this marketplace.”

Chris Barney, School Administrator at Hampton Park Christian School, added, “When Dr. Tom approached us with this unique concept, we only had two questions. Our first concern about the on-going safety of our students was alleviated when we learned that Dr. Tom will be having our students escorted to and from the BraceMobile when it is parked at our school. Secondly—why hadn’t anyone else thought of this? We strive every day to make the lives of our students and parents as productive as possible and Dr. Tom’s BraceMobile fits perfectly with this ongoing mission.”

The Upstate’s only orthodontic clinic on wheels, Dr. Tom’s BraceMobile is offering professional treatment on-site at schools, offices, rec centers and other easy-to-access locations. The BraceMobile will feature a complete, modern orthodontic clinic, with Dr. Tom delivering all patient care.

Dr. Tom added, “In addition to the BraceMobile, we will continue to serve our patients at our current office building location at 20-A Creekview Court, near Haywood Mall. But, without any additional cost to ourpatient-families, we are committed to pioneering this new level of convenience. Our patients will have the best of both worlds.”

To learn more about the BraceMobile and how you and your child can benefit, please visit drtomsortho.com or call (864) 329-1971.

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About Dr. Tom . . .

Dr. Tom Atkinson, fondly known as “Dr. Tom,” has been practicing orthodontics in Greenville, South Carolina, for 25 years. He is the first and only orthodontist in South Carolina to offer patient treatment via a state-of-the-art mobile orthodontic clinic, called “The BraceMobile.” For more information, see: http://drtomsortho.com

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