Hookah Town: A Happy Place

Disclaimer: I received products in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

I've written before about hookah sticks, e-cigs, and other products of that group. I've written about how much they help me out since we do not smoke in the house or the car. Yes, I know I should quit completely, but this is a start. Let's face it, until my brain says its time, its not going to happen. I'm working on that, but there are so many other things I'm working on at the moment, so this is a start. 


When Hookah Town gave me the opportunity to try out a couple of products, I was so excited. I've become kind of a connoisseur of the electronic and vapor devices. In a way, they have become one of my obsessions. When the package arrived, it was like going into a shoe store (or office supply store). 

They sent me Bastone products, which I quickly fell in love with! 

My thoughts:

Bastone Mini Refillable Hookah Pen (Pink and Purple): I love that this particular Hookah Pen is small. Its the smallest one I've seen besides the disposable ones. However, that does not detract from its quality. It has a smooth draw and the measurements on the tank are really easy to read. It really is a great hookah pen. It is easy to refill and the battery lasts a while. I think my favorite thing about this particular Hookah is that it feels so luxurious in my hand. The coating on the battery part has a soft feel. ($19.99)

Bastone Premio Refillable Hookah Pen (Black): This is the only button-less e-hookah I've used and it is amazing. It really is a premium product! I don't mind the button, but it is so much easier to use without one, and there is no "press 5 times to turn off, press button while drawing, press 5 times to turn off". This is probably my favorite e-hookah, but a little heavier than the others. However, it is not too heavy, I just notice the difference. It would probably be ideal for a man.   ($69.99 with one liquid)

Bastone Premium Portable Hookah Sticks Yum!!! That's what I have to say. These disposible sticks come in many different flavors and are good up to 500 puffs. I got to try out the "Peachy Keen" and "Cherry Apple Twist", and they are so good! I love the jewel on the bottom that lights up when it is in use. I like to get the disposables for when I want something different, and to try out a new flavor without committing to a whole bottle of liquid. They are also good just to keep on hand for if my rechargeable is dead. ($8.99)

Bastone E-Hookah Liquid ($7.99 a piece/ 3 for $17.99) The e-liquid I received was non-nicotine, so the flavor is what I was testing out. YUM-O! I received Green Apple, Strawberry-Banana Twist, and Summertime Strawberry. They come in 12ml size. Although the ones I received are nicotine free, they are available in 6, 16, and 24 mg of nicotine. Hint: You can mix the different e-liquids together to create unique flavors, so experimenting is fun!

All in all, I am highly impressed with Hookah Town and the Bastone brand. They have great products, prices, a great selection, and amazing customer service. I will recommend to anyone! Be sure to like them on Facebook for tips, coupons, special deals, and offers for points! 


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Since Hookah Town was so amazing to send me such a wonderful gift package, I am passing along this wonderful gift. One wonderful reader of The Palmetto Queen will receive the purple Bastone Mini, Summertime Strawberry Liquid, and the Peachy Keen Bastone Disposable Hookah Stick. Just comment below and let me know what you like about the possibility of using an E-Hookah. Good Luck


  1. I would like to get my nicotine without all the other stuff

    -Raven (I'll email you my contact info)

  2. I realize that nothing is fair but I'm still trying. I just want to do my best and what is possible