Have a Ball with #FruitShoot and The #StuntHunt

Disclosure: This article and campaign have been sponsored by Fruit Shoot. I really do buy it for my son! 

I discovered Robinson's Fruit Shoot about a year ago and fell in love. Now, every time I see it in a store, I have to pick a couple up for the Tbomb. It has a no-spill cap, comes in brightly colored bottles, and has no high fructose corn syrup. It even comes in low sugar varieties.

When I was contacted about sharing the Have a Ball #StuntHunt with my readers, of course I was in. You guys should know about this fun contest. It must involve your child, a Fruit Shoot bottle, and a ball. It must be between 10 and 30 seconds long. Other than that, just let your creativity flow! Be sure to upload it to the Stunt Hunt site and then vote on some of the other entries.

Tbomb and I got out in the yard and he couldn't decide on one thing, so we created a triathlon. It was so much fun! To have a triathlon of your own, get your child to drink a Fruit Shoot, complete their favorite activity (Tbomb's is riding a scooter) and then throw a ball! Don't forget to have fun and laugh!

Fruit Shoot wants to encourage you and your children to use your imaginations to get active. To do this, they have launched the #stunthunt. They are choosing a video each week to get a special treatment! Fun, right?!

When you enter the contest, you get a free bottle of Fruit Shoot. When you buy 6 bottles, you get a Waboba ball! That's pretty cool! Enter here

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