Get The Look You Want With Markwins and One Direction

"Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

Rumors were flying after a tweet sent by one of the guys from One Direction. This rumor was not the average rumor about a pop star. This rumor was that the big boy band was going to release their own line of makeup. Guess what?! Its true!

Just had a great meeting about 1D make up! it's that good im gonna start wearing it myself” Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) June 23, 2014

I really know nothing about One Direction. From what I understand, they are actually a group that we can proudly let our daughters be fans of. That's the extent of my knowledge (I think they may be from the UK)

I know a lot about makeup. I love makeup, and I cannot wait until Kodabug is old enough to play around with it (I paint her toes already)!

I've been a huge fan of Markwins since I was a teenager. It may be a bit lame, but I scour the beauty isles at Christmas for their amazingly priced makeup sets. Its the best time to replenish eye shadows, blushes, special occasion makeup, and even the basics like mascara. When I got the opportunity to try out this new makeup line by Markwins, inspired by One Direction, I jumped on it. 

This limited edition line comes in 3 variations with a look to suite everyone. In fact, I wouldn't mind having all three in my makeup arsenal. 

Midnight Memories

Take Me Home

Up All Night

Each collection is named after an One Direction album, with each product/ color having the name of a song. The mascara is even called "Little Black Dress."

I got the opportunity to try out the Take Me Home collection, I LOVE it! These colors are amazing. One thing I really like about the Markwins brand eye shadow is that the colors are really great, but they go on a little thin. That way, you can make it as bold or subtle as you like. 

I really like that these lines have some bling to them. Each eye shadow set has a glitter eye shadow (great for under the eyebrow and inside the eye). While this set is kind of a "girl next door" look, it does have an edge with the bronze undertones in the color. The products include:

Kiss You™ Liquilights glow gloss: Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light

Eyeshadow palette containing: 
Back For You - Velvet creme

Change My Mind - Peachy shimmer
CMon CMon- Soft taupe
Little Things - Smokey brown
Take Me Home - Golden glitter creme

˜Last First Kiss"™ - Nude pink sheer lipstick

˜Little Black Dress"™ - Volumising black mascara

˜Live While We're Young"™ - Multi Dimensional gold glitter nail polish

˜I Wish"™ - Chocolate brown eye and body crayon

Each set also comes with stencils to be used with the eye/ body crayon. 

Inside the beautiful tin (perfect for storing makeup, nail supplies, stationary, and even concert memorabilia) are tips for using each eye color on different color eyes (Brilliant!)

These makeup sets will be coming to the US for sale first (Macy's) the second week of August.

You can learn more on the makeup line's Facebook page. 

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