Banners at a Great Price

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

I was offered a banner to review. Naturally, I jumped on this opportunity. With the teams I am on and the events I do, I can never have too many banners. Honestly, with the paranormal team and the cryptid team, there is enough equipment to buy, its hard to even think about the promotional items that organizations need. I was ecstatic to try out this banner.

To be honest, this company offers vinyl banners for $9, so I was a bit skeptical on the quality, but willing to give it a try. Then, I received this beautiful thing:

This banner really is beautiful. The printing is great quality and so is the material it is made from. I've seen banners that are not good quality, but cost much more. The customer service is phenomenal too.

They asked me to email them a graphic image and provided me with not only the specifics as far as size and dpi, but also sent me an example, which is always good to get a visual of what needs to be done.

Lowest Price

What I did was grab our website banner, adjust the size a little, add a hashtag, check the dpi and send it on. Within a week, I had my banner.

Lets just say that I was truly amazed when the shipping tube arrived at my house. I pulled out the banner and I could feel the quality. This banner is nice and thick. The grommets are secured nicely. I know this banner will stand up for years to come.

Best Of Signs offers cheap banners, and so much more. They offer vinyl signs and banners, mesh banners, window signs, vinyl stickers, and fabric banners. They even have templates to help you design the banner perfect for your needs. While you are there, go ahead and get your magnets, car magnets, car decals (even clear), floor signs, window clings, and all the accessories you need for your on site or traveling advertising.  As a branding consultant, logo designer, and virtual assistant, I will continue to recommend to my clients!

Check them out on the web:


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