Back to School With The Palmetto Queen

I know so many of you are ready for your kids to be back in school. Many forget to do certain things to ensure that the beginning of school goes smoothly. As a homeschool mom, this is essential. In all honesty, getting organized before that first bell rings is essential to many more than homeschool moms.

Our children have so much going on that we aren't used to over the summer. The school year can start off disastrous if the right steps are not taken now. Of course, we can always recover, but that takes more time.

So, throughout the month of August I will be bringing you tips to get the school year off to a good start. Preparations continue throughout the first two weeks of school, as well.

I know you are thinking that I know nothing of this, but that cannot be further from the truth. See, I've been obsessed with organizing since I was in school, so I loved helping my mother get organized for a new school year. I may not drop TBomb off at a classroom, but most of what I do to prepare myself for a new homeschool year are just as relevant to all moms with school aged children.

Along with my organizational tips, I will share reviews of must have products, ideas for a fun first day, and even fun things to do celebrating that first week back at school.

Stick around for all of these great tips, I'm sure there will be something you will love!

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