Back To School: School Readiness Week

I had one of those crazy weeks last week that I just wasn't able to get anything done. Every time I thought I would get a chance to get a post done, something else came up. 

It wasn't just with posting, it was with work, planning, and even last minute prep for school. I finally gave up and decided I would get done what I could get done. I knew I could catch up. 

I thought I had missed out completely on posting about Back to School Readiness Week. Its such a great idea and the book Stewie Boomstein Starts School is an amazing resource for parents with kids starting school. Plus, its such a fun book, the kids will definitely enjoy it. 

Nothing But The Truth Publishing has their eye set on helping children starting school and their parents make it the best experience possible. Although I am homeschooling ours, they have been an amazing resource while preparing for this school year. I have also been able to pass the tips along to other parents I know. 

The release of Stewie Boomstein Starts School (Amazon) kicked off School Readiness Week, sponsored by Nothing But The Truth Publishing. School Readiness Week was August 20th through 27th. Although it is over, you can still check out the Facebook page for tips all year. 

I do apologize to all of you for not getting this up sooner. If you would like any tips on getting your littles school ready, comment below, or email me and I will help in any way I can!