Back to School: Do A Craft

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

This is another of those posts that apply to all schooling families, whether homeschool or traditional school. This tip involves having fun. I urge you to find something fun to do the first week of school. If your littles are in a group activity, get the moms together and plan something fun for the kids. It will work for dance, scouts, acedemia, sports, and even church groups.

There are all sorts of options for a craft. My favorite is the kits from Pippin Jewelry. They offer children's jewelry, a bead store, party kits, and Pippin Kits, like the Surfer Friendship Bands and Strands Kits.

These kits come with everything you need to make 6 bracelets or 3 necklaces. Included in the bands (bracelet) set is cord, 3 types of beads, instruction booklet, and adorable box. The strands (necklace) set includes cord, 3 types of beads, and surf themed charms (oh, and an adorable box).

These kits are great quality. Tbomb and I made them for his daddy, papa, himself, uncle, and his cousin. We had so much fun making these together. 

Each kit you purchase will include everything needed to make the specified jewelry, even any tools required. They also include a collectors box with each kit! 

With their party kits, you can customize how many guests the event will have and even if they will make one or two pieces of jewelry. 

A sample of what the kits include: 

  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 individual organza bags each containing one Berries Friendship Bracelet Pippin Kit and one Bag Charm Pippin Kit complete with a 'Made by...' tag
  • party invites and envelopes
  • full colour kit instruction booklets
  • an instruction sheet for the host
  • a sheet of Pippin stickers

So, grab a jewelry kit, invite the kids, and have a party to celebrate back to school. One of the beat things to encourage a great school experience is to have fun with school milestones!

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