50 Uses for the Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote

As many of you have figured out over the years, I am pretty obsessed with my Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One Gifts. I received it after my son was born, and immediately began using it for a diaper bag. Now that he is older and gets into everything, I must upgrade the the zip top one.

My OUT has been the go to bag for everything, currently serving as my mobile office. I am always thinking of new ways to use it (I guess I need more of them!) So, here goes! Be sure to check out my party!

50 Uses for the Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote

  1. Diaper bag
  2. School bag (college)
  3. Teacher bag
  4. Mobile office
  5. Craft Supplies
  6. Gift "Basket"
  7. Car wash supplies
  8. Cleaning supplies
  9. Picnic "Basket"
  10. Car trip bag
  11. Gardening supplies
  12. Scrapbook supplies
  13. Knitting/ Crochet bag
  14. Waiting room bag
  15. Electronic Storage
  16. Paranormal Investigation supplies
  17. Event bag (my go to)
  18. Bride tote for planning
  19. Bride tote for day of
  20. Organize items that stay in the car
  21. Beach/ Pool Bag
  22. Babysitter supplies
  23. Team Mom supplies
  24. Tailgating tote
  25. Play date supplies
  26. Carry food/ supplies to gatherings
  27. Traveling with gifts- store extra small gifts and emergency wrapping essentials in the pockets. 
  28. Organize dress up gear
  29. Store board games
  30. Outdoor toys
  31. Sleep over bag
  32. Farmer's Market/ Shopping Bag
  33. Hair supplies
  34. Tools
  35. Home emergency kit
  36. Winter car emergency kit
  37. Pet travel bag
  38. Gym bag
  39. Errand bag
  40. File tote
  41. Organizing supply caddy
  42. Kids bath time supplies
  43. Kids art supplies
  44. Help make grabbing lunch for a group easier (put each cup in a holder)
  45. On the go sales supplies (for direct sales or as a company rep)
  46. Couponing supplies
  47. Yard sale supplies/ purchases
  48.  First aid kit
  49. Homeschool supplies (one for each child)
  50. The Organizing Utility Tote is a great all around tote. Keep one that does not have a specific purpose for research runs, errand running, and anything else that pops up with the need for a tote. You just never know! 

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