5 Ways to Ease Worries About Starting School and #Giveaway

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Although my little Tbomb started preschool (homeschool) last year, we got off track with the arrival of Kodabug. He is very excited at what this year has to offer, but I am still anticipating some issues. The main issue being the change in routine. He likes routine and when it is off, he doesn't always respond well. I know that a lot of you are wondering how you are going to adjust your little one to something new. Here are my top 5 tips.

5 Ways to Ease Worries About Starting School

Note: This tips are applicable to homeschool and away from home school. 

1. Get your child used to school. If you are homeschooling, start talking about what they will learn and start showing them some of the things you have planned. If your child is going to school, take them by the school, let them play on the playground, and talk about what they will learn. 

2. Get into a routine now. Don't wait until the day school starts, start as soon as you can. Wake up at the time you plan to, eat breakfast, read a book. Even tell them that "Once you start school, you will be at school while mommy cleans," etc

3. If your child likes routine, like mine does, find out what schedule the class will be on. As soon as you are able, see if the teacher can give you an idea of the daily schedule the class will be on. Go over this with your child, and even draw pictures like in Stewie Boomstein Starts School. 

4. Ask your child what he/ she wants to learn in school. Start talking with your child about what they are interested in. Do they want to learn about planets (like Tbomb requested), dinosaurs, horses, or even princesses? Let the teacher know these interests and plan some days for you and him to go exploring these topics. Get them excited about learning now. 

5. Read There are a lot of books about the first day of school. Pick some up at your local bookstore, library, or even Amazon. From talking with teachers and professionals, I have found that this is a highly effective solution. 

Bonus: Plan some festivities to make the first day of school memorable. Get some ideas here. School Readiness week is August 17th- 24th, so get in on that fun too! Sign up for the newsletter to get a different tip each day of school readiness week. http://eepurl.com/X3Uvr

Stewie Boomstein Starts School is an adorable book about a little boy starting school. He starts out excited about school, because going to school is what big boys do. It didn't take him long to be ready to go home. He had no idea that school had so many rules. He also never knew what to expect and wanted to play outside when it was time to take a nap. School was no longer fun for Stewie and he is sent home. No one is happy. It didn't take long for Stewie and his family to find a solution!

There is a parent guide included to help you ease your child into school and adjust to the idea of school. These tips include interviews by child and education specialists. This is a must have book for all children starting school.

Stewie Boomstein Starts School, by  Christine Bronstein, is set to be released August 5th and will be in brick-and-morter Bookstores, as well as online. It is expected to be a staple for families everywhere. Stewie Boomstein Starts School is brought to you by Nothing But The Truth Publishing. Read more about Christine and the book on PopSugar.

The next books in the series will be Stewie Boomstein Gets a Big Boy Bed (fall 2014) and Stewie Boomstein Makes a Friend (winter 2015)

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  2. My son starts k4 this year and my only concern is that I will cry on the first day... Lol. They grow too fast!!