31 Tips for a Great Thirty-One Party

As many of you know, we have just wrapped up my virtual Thirty-One Party. I have shared how much I love the products and company. (Don't worry there are more organizing with Thirty-One tips coming!) Now, I want to share about how to have a successful Thirty-One Party.

31 Tips For An Amazing Thirty-One Party

These tips can work for both hostess and consultant. It all depends on how much you want to be involved. 
  1. Send invites. Send as many as you can through post. Send many more via email and Facebook. 
  2. Do you have a shared calendar, such as Google Calendar (You should). Add your party, it will give you some extra sharing tools, and make it easier for your gals to add it to theirs. 
  3. Pass out wish lists before the party like this one or this one
  4. Work closely with your consultant to ensure a successful party- I'm sure she won't turn down a hand. 
  5. Come up with some great party games. 
  6. Have an incentive for bringing guests. Either a raffle for anyone who brings a guest, or a special prize for who brings the most. (You could create a gift basket, or share your hostess specials)
  7. Pick a theme (Margarita Monday, Spa Sunday, Party in Your PJs, Back to School Bash) and create an atmosphere, snacks, and drinks to match!
  8. Encourage the gals at your party to book a party while there. 
  9. Remind the ladies that your Thirty-One consultant is a business owner. She is working like the rest of us, and "sub-contracting" under one of the most influential women owned businesses. 
  10. Host a great party once a season- Get free stuff, get the girls together, and help a business! What can be better?
  11. Combine an in-home party and online party for twice the fun. Let family and friends who live away enjoy the fun too. You could even work in a live stream!
  12. Invite acquaintances to the online party. You could invite those you've just met, or even hang a flyer! 
  13. Use social media before and during the event. Thirty-One just begs for Instagram. 
  14. Tie in a charity. You can take donations for your favorite charity, ask guests to bring items for a basket to auction off, or even raise awareness, while having fun. 
  15. Do you have Thirty-One products already? Bring them out and show your guests how you use them.
  16. Have a super organized friend? (like me, hehe) Invite them and ask her to share organizing tips. 
  17. Game time- Ask your guests for creative uses for different Thirty-One products
  18. Do you have a friend or co-worker that would make an amazing consultant. Invite them and get them to sign up with your consultant!
  19. Do you have a recurring women's club, mom meeting, or anything else where a group of ladies get together? Turn one meeting into a party. 
  20. Invite your guests to like your consultant's Facebook Page
  21. Have a re-gifting box or closet? Pull from your stash for some extra door/ game prizes. 
  22. Have an annual birthday party that is also a Thirty-One party! Seriously, what could be more fun?!
  23. Have an organizing party. Focus on getting life organized, they are sure to buy!
  24. Have friends that are business owners? Even direct-sales ladies? Have a party just for them. Thirty-One products are must-haves for business owners. 
  25. Is there a specific organizing problem you know your guests have? Let your consultant know ahead of time, that way they can prepare. 
  26. Better yet, ask on the invitation. They can email their problem in, add it to the Facebook event, or call you. 
  27. Play stump the consultant. Have major organizing challenges on slips of paper. Let guests submit as well. Read them aloud and if the consultant cannot get it, someone gets a prize!
  28. Plan at least a month in advance. Create a private pin board for you and your consultant. Have fun and make it a big deal. 
  29. Lead by example- get excited and join in. This will get your guests to do the same!
  30. Make your parties memorable and unique- everyone will want to be there every time!
  31. Don't forget to have fun!
I hope you are as obsessed with Thirty-One as I am and that this gives you the encouragement to book a party. If you do not have a consultant of your own, use mine, or find one at the site!


  1. I came for a charity event and was amazed how fantastic this function room was. The view is amazing and the layout does have a nice flow - which was great!