20 Tips for Organizing A Backpack: Get Organized and #Win from Marley Lilly

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own and I'm honored to bring you Marley Lilly!

Although we aren't starting school until next week, most kids went back today. With all those papers, books, material lists, and everything else kids accumulate, I thought it would be appropriate to share some tips for organizing a backpack. (psst stick around to the end to learn about this amazing company, backpack, and a giveaway.)

20 Tips For Organizing A Backpack with Marley Lilly

  1. Create a "refill" station so supplies can easily and quickly be replenished when needed.
  2. Decide that every evening, you will clean out the backpack, and place papers and other items that are not needed away. This is also a good time to make sure that all permission slips, papers to be signed, and assignment sheets are seen. 
  3. At the end of every quarter, completely clean out the backpack, vacuum, take inventory, and restock. This is good to do the day report cards come or the day before the quarterly break. 
  4. After homework each night, make sure everything that is needed the next day is there. 
  5. LABEL everything! (StickerYou and Mabel's Labels are great!)
  6. Invest in a pencil pouch for pencils/ smaller supplies
  7. Use a change purse, or something similar, for really small objects like paper clips.
  8. Keep your backpack in the same place, so there is no last minute rush to figure out where you left it. (A command central is great for this)
  9. Make sure that all items you use most days are easily accessible.
  10. Use your book bag just for school. If you have the need for another (for trips, camping, etc) invest in a second book bag- or use one from last year. This will help cut down on lost items. 
  11. Many people find it helpful to use one folder to carry to school, then they can disperse papers to the correct binders at the end of the week. It helps to cut down on weight. Make sure you invest in dividers. 
  12. Part of keeping a backpack organized, is keeping its contents organized, so keep an eye on those binders and make sure they stay in order. 
  13. If available, utilize your locker. There's no sense in carrying everything around all day. 
  14. Don't forget your Planner- make sure it will fit in your backpack. If it will not fit, will you really use it? 
  15. Keep all chap sticks, band aids, and other personal effects in a pouch for somewhat easy access, but so that you can take it out and carry it with you. 
  16. Label all folders and books with name, teacher, and other pertinent information. 
  17. Keep theft-prevention measures in mind. Keep anything of value hidden and not easily accessible. 
  18. Keeping your backpack organized is only one piece of the puzzle. Take steps to ensure your whole life gets organized. If one this gets messy, do not let this be a domino effect. 
  19. Remember that getting and staying organized is a process. This could take one day, but it could take months. Just remember to stick with it and find what works for you. 
  20. MONOGRAM that bag! It is the most beautiful way to label, and makes your bag easily spotted. 
While these things can easily be accomplished by older students, elementary and younger will need the help of you fabulous parents!

Marley Lilly is oh so fab for back to school!

Marley Lilly has become one of my favorite online shops- I wish I could just go visit them (every day!). Their products are gorgeous, the gals are fabulous, and the quality of their work is amazing. The customer service and marketing ladies are phenomenal. As an added bonus, they are located in Greenville, SC!

They sent me this amazing basic black backpack to test out. I love this bag, I honestly can't decide on its purpose- mobile office, investigation pack, diaper bag, road trip bag... I just want everyone to see it! 

The quality is amazing. It is sturdy, the seams are reinforced, and the fabric is 600 denier polyester with PVC coating. It is nice and sturdy, but not heavy. On most backpacks, the zippers break first, but these zippers will last quite a while. This back pack will last for many years. The perfect school accessory for monogramming!

This photo does the monogram color justice- isn't that a gorgeous aqua?! It is a Tiffany-ish blue, and we all know how much I love that! Not only is the color gorgeous, but the monogram quality is amazing- the best I've ever seen (and I have a lot of monogrammed items, I am a Carolina Girl, afterall). 

I'm telling you- these gals are just fab! They initial each process, so that not only do you know who had a hand in your amazing product, but if there is a problem (which I do not foresee), they are accountable. I think this helps with employees feeling "ownership," which always adds to the quality of product and service! (I love the sign-off of "Peace, Love, and Monograms")

This is a close up shot of the front pocket of the back pack. That red pad is a Steno Pad, so you can see how big it is- perfect size for a pad of paper, or a tablet! I love all these handy pockets! There is even a mesh zipper pocket- perfect for small items or money!

The backpack measures approximately 18.25"H x 12.5"W x 6"D, so it is the perfect size for school. That is a regular size clip board, so you can easily slide a laptop in! The back and straps are padded for comfort, it even has a mesh pocket on each side for water bottles.

The best part of Marley Lilly besides the pink and fabulous products and ladies? Everything comes with monogram included!

This really is the perfect backpack for back to school. Guess what?! You can win one for yourself.

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  1. Get everything about a week before so your not rushing to get supplies at the last minute.