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Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

The service team at was generous to send me some customized Kid ID Labels to try out with my Tbomb and Kodabug. They sent me two sheets of "rectangle kid labels." The team created these for me and included a mixture of boy, girl, and neutral labels. They were very understanding about my hesitance of using the kids names on labels. In fact, I think they were intrigued with my safety position. 

These labels have a great adhesive and can be applied to basically anything, including toys, coats, plastic ware, and even shoes. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. The unique adhesive they use doesn't even leave a residue behind.

For me, the kid labels are an organized mom'd dream come true. The very first use I found for them was the closed snack containers I use in the diaper bag.

I got these cupcake containers in a two pack at Dollar Tree. They seal really great and allow me to keep plenty of extra snacks in the diaper bag. The only problem was that since they are the same color, I usually ended up having to open both before I had the right child's snack. Thanks to StickerYou, I color coded them and know which container to grab when one of the kids need a snack refill!

They are great for all kinds of color-coding needs. In fact, I keep mine and my husband's chargers, and other similar gadgets and cords organized by labeling them in different colors. It also helps when trying to find one cord in a group of them. I have also used them to keep our equipment separate from everyone else's since some equipment we have is the same.

I have also noticed a trend when using labels to organize and identify the kids' things. My almost four (gasp!) year old is starting to realize that his things are labeled in certain colors, so he can grab his water bottle and know that it is his!

Of course, I'm obsessed with the adorable designs they have available, especially the pink camo and the owl. You can even upload your own designs (think business/ organization use!). Are you concerned about designing them yourself? That's ok! There is even a video tutorial on site! The sticker designer really is easy and straight forward though.

The prices are great ($8.49 a sheet when you buy two) and there is a handy dandy pricing guide for different quantities.

My favorite part of the site has to be the #sawasticker gallery. I am obsessed with stickers- you should see my planner and laptop. So this is definitely drool worthy for me!

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