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Disclaimer: I have been compensated for my review, but all opinions are my own. 

Kids Academy asked me to try out some iphone/ ipad apps. While I do not have an ipad, I was able to try these out on a friends ipad. I was happy to do this because I love bringing you guys amazing homeschool and kiddie resources. These apps are free, and many are offered on Amazon as well. I encourage you to get them for your own children. You will not regret it!

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Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games takes a montessori approach to helping children learn phonics, tracing, and reading. The app includes crosswords, sounds, songs, spelling blocks, and flash cards. The child can see the letter, trace the letter, hear the sound, and hear words that start with that letter. Then, they can play games- it doesn't get much better than that.  The app has a soft voice, 2 levels of difficulty, left and right hand modes, 2 levels, gives stars for performance, and is encouraging. The app takes them from tracing to writing at their own pace. They even learn age appropriate vocabulary. 

I love this app and so does my son. He even "taught" his sister her letters. 

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Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls & boys is almost an all inclusive learning app for preschool and kindergarten. This app is amazing and your child will never get bored with it. It is also based on Montessori learning principles (which I love). This one is a little bit more advanced, but not so much that a child will get frustrated, more like it will push them to go that extra bit. With this app, they learn spelling, reading, and writing. I adore how the child earns fireflies in their jar by completing the tracing activity (especially since we spend evenings catching fireflies as a reward in our house). This app advances with your child's needs and aligns with common core standards. The curriculum was developed and reviews by a preschool education expert. 

Tbomb is very advanced for his age, but with apps like this, I can allow him to review in play without spending valuable learning time reviewing. It is great for when I'm working, cooking, or if we're in the car. Because of this app, I'm considering investing in an iPad for the family. 

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Bingo ABC alphabet phonics  is my favorite of the apps I tried out. It is just so fun. I love singing with Tbomb, but this adds to the fun, while teaching him. He loves exploring the barnyard, the animal cards, and learning the animal sounds. I love that he can record his voice through the app. Music is huge in our house, so this app is automatically a winner. I love that it combines music, education, and games. 

Most items in the app are interactive, there is even a pond that Bingo and the farmer fish in. Everything comes to life- you can even make a flower grow! 

It is truly just an all around fun app. The baby even got in on the fun and was trying to clap along. Mostly, she just laughed at her brother and thought the recording of him was funny. 

I encourage you to go download these apps, they really are great. If you do not have an iPhone or iPad, check out the Amazon app offerings. 


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