Have You Gone #Noseblind?

Disclaimer: This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Did you see this on Instagram this morning? Are you excited yet? 

I received this amazing package from Febreze to conduct a #noseblind test. We were to have a movie night, complete with popcorn, and a few surveys. 

So, me, my husband, and my in-laws settled in to watch the 2 hour season finale of Mountain Monsters, have some popcorn, and discuss smells. 

What I learned: 

Our senses can become #noseblind to those smells in the house. We no longer smell them, but our guests can. This ability is actually a survival mechanism so that our noses are able to detect possible dangers. Pretty handy, actually. Imagine if we did not have this ability. Our olfactory sensors would be overloaded and we may not be able to smell gas, smoke, or even mold. 

We have several dogs and 2 kids, so I was concerned about what our guests would smell, even though I only smell the oils we burn. After the initial surveys were complete, I found that our guests could smell the dogs, although they could tell that we tried to mask the odor. 

The popcorn did hid the smell of the dogs for a bit, but by the time our finale was over, the dog smell was back. Febreze to the rescue! Within just a few minutes of spraying the couches with Febreze and lighting the candle, the room had a refreshing smell and the underlying smell of the dogs was no longer present. Yay!!! I've always loved Febreze, but now I'm really hooked on all of the products. 

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How It Works: 

Febreze is made using a molecule called Cyclodextrin. It traps bad odors and eliminates them. Febreze then leaves behind a pleasant scent, without overwhelming the nose. With this patented technology, Febreze is the only product that can achieve this! 

Make sure you always have Febreze on hand, so that you are confident your home smells fresh when guests arrive. (Tip: Keep Febreze Air Effects by the door for a quick spray when unannounced guests show up)

Win It:

You can win the same package that I was sent. 

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  1. The air gets stale in the summer heat. I really need to freshen it up.

  2. I am mostly concerned about kitchen food smells and the cat litter box.

  3. Potty training accident smells and dirty diaper smells. Yuck!

  4. I am concerned about the cat litter box odor

  5. I am concerned about the garbage disposal

  6. i am concerned about dusty smells and the carpet smells

  7. I am concerned about the dog and cat odors. I need to get rid of them!

  8. I am concerned about cooking odors.

  9. i would have to say pet smells


  10. My kids have 2 cats and we keep the litter box cleaned up, odors can still linger on

  11. I let people smoke in our house so it would be smoke oder.

  12. I'm concerned about cooking and litter box odors in my home!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  13. I want to get rid of dog odors.

  14. i am a bit concerned about smells of my cat

  15. I get concerned about the smell of my dog in the house

  16. I am concerned about the pet and cooking odors.

  17. I am concerned about the fishy cooking odors and the dog smell.

  18. I am concerned about garbage and food odors

  19. i am concerned about food odors in my kitchen

  20. I am concerned about my dogs odor.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  21. The damp basement odor