Cherokee Fire Grill & Wize Guys Pizza: Best Restaurant Ever!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for writing this post. I really do love this place and want you all to know about it! 

My family's favorite place to eat at the Cherokee Indian Reservation is The Cherokee Fire Grill & Wize Guys Pizza. It has the best fun atmosphere and everyone is so nice, and likes to visit with the patrons. I love that every time we go, the owner goes out of his way to come check on us at our table and even chat with us for a bit. (That is him below!)

Every time we go, we have our favorites that we have been looking forward to since we were there last. However, we usually get something different to split. The owner always comes to tell us what new is on the menu, and what we should expect the next time we are there. This time, he was telling us about the meatball sub (my hubby's all time favorite sandwich) that would soon be on the menu. 

I wish I had taken a photo of the yummy food, but I was so eager to dive in, the blogger in me got lost! If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you'll see one soon! 

They have great prices as well. The 5 adults and Tbomb ate on less than $50 without us being price conscience. That's rare somewhere with such good food! 

As you can see, the whole family has a good time. 

Although I am not a Cherokee resident, I consider The Cherokee Fire Grill a local hot spot and all visitors must eat there. The conversation is always great, not only with the owner and employees, but also the locals that just happen to be having dinner. Our last visit, I had a great conversation with a couple locals about local cryptids and the paranormal. 

I urge you to go in The Cherokee Fire Grill and Wize Guys Pizza next time you are in Cherokee, or just take a trip for the pizza. I promise it will be worth it! (Just be sure you tell them that you were sent by The Palmetto Queen) 

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