Austin Lloyd: The Subscription Box for Chic Babies

Disclaimer: I received a box in exchange for my review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

As you guys may have figured out, I'm a little bit obsessed with subscription boxes. What's not to love. You get to look forward to a box every month full of goodies, get to try new things, and you get a bunch of gifts in one!

Well, the branding in Austin Lloyd is what first won me over. Who doesn't love a stork for baby goodies. Plus, anything that uses my beautiful little girl's name is a winner. Let's not forget that beautiful teal we all know that I'm obsessed with!

My favorite touch- the call to action. Donate those books and toys you no longer need. You can even return them to Austin Lloyd and they will take care of the donation! Remember, not all kids are lucky enough to have a home collection of books (totally breaks my heart!) Learn more about how Austin Lloyd can help you make a difference and de-clutter your home here.

Although the package was enough to win me over, nothing prepared me for the awesome inside! I'm not sure who was more impressed- me or Kodabug!

Check out the selection of goodies Austin Lloyd babies receive. I love that the selections are made based on ages.

What You Can Expect to Receive in Your Austin Lloyd Box:

  • Toys and books that are customized to the play level of the child
  • bpa and phthalate free items
  • Unique, high end toys that are not typically sold at chain retail stores
  • Engaging toys that are targeted at improving fine motor and cognitive skills
  • Toys with an overall value that is greater than the cost of your subscription
  • No battery operated toys
The last one is a biggie for me. Although my kids have techie toys, including an innotab and tablet, I want the majority of theirs to be more like the classics. My husband and I are geeks, but we see the value in kids being kids and not having their lives revolve around technology. 

Each box has a set of note cards in it. The note cards describe the developmental milestones for the age that box is specified for. In addition to that, there is a card for each toy and book. These cards not only describe the toy/ book and the intended use, but also explain why it is appropriate and helpful for that particular milestone. Fun and educational!

This gorgeous little chunky monkey loves her Austin Lloyd box! Be sure to learn more and get a box. Each box is $49.99 and you can get a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription.

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