A Taste Of The Islands

I have had a fascination with leis since I was a teenager. The thought of stepping off an airplane and being greeted with such a welcoming as in Hawaii is what dreams are made of. My mother even made my 18th birthday a luau. Since then, leis have shown up from time to time in my life. When I think of them, I always drift back to a concert in Atlanta. I was 21 and Clay Walker bent down and put a lei around my neck. At that point, it was the high point of my life, and they always take me back. Even planning a party now, I think of that magical night. 

Hawaiian leis have more uses than being worn while in Hawaii. There are numerous colors to choose from. The leis are ideal for groups that are looking for something different to sell. People can choose which colors they want, and a bulk order can be shipped. This will save the group money instead of ordering a few at a time. Leis are also beautiful at birthday parties. A beach themed party wouldn't be complete without using leis. They can be given to guests as they arrive, or you can send them home as party favors.

If you plan on having a party in the summer, consider a luau. Leis can be worn by those in attendance, and you can decorate the tables with the leis. Each table can have a colored theme, or you can sporadically place leis around to create a rainbow effect. Guests can take one home at the end of the party. You can also use leis during a wedding shower. Get other decorations that have a tropical theme, and when the bride opens a gift, the lei of the person who gave it can be placed around her neck or on a poster so she can take all of them home.

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