Made for Mom: Snack-Trap

Disclosure: I received samples in exchange for my review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

I have mentioned before that life gets crazy at times, especially in the summer. We seem to just be on the go all the time. Even if we aren't on the go, life is still hectic with me trying to keep caught up on work and plan for things to come and the upcoming school year. Well, snacking just got easier.

Made for Mom: Snack-Trap sent me a box of goodies to try out with the kids. They have made my life so much easier. 

The No-Spill Bottle Cap Set is probably my favorite item. No more fighting with sippy cups and making sure that he doesn't leave the table with a "big boy cup" or regular drink bottle. Just twist the appropriate size on and you are good to go. It has even been boy tested- no taking the lid off. I had this frog bowl that I got at Dollar Tree (pack of two) that the whole set and color code fit in perfectly. Now, I keep it in the diaper bag, but if he is going with his Nanny for the day, I just toss it in his nap sack and he's good to go, no matter what life throws his way!

Next up (although close second) is definitely the Snack-Trap itself. Made for Mom sent us packs of 2. One came with a solid lid that fits perfectly over the snack flaps. They also sent a lid combo pack, which includes replacement snack lid and extra solid lid. Tbomb is almost 4, so he can remove the lids and even push the flaps down and pour out the snack, but I think the Snack-Trap serves its purpose. If the container is dropped, the snacks do not spill out, which was my main concern. It takes me back to a trip to the doctors office. Tbomb has this Elmo bowl he used to take snack in every where. Kodabug was there for her first check up and Tbomb was following along dropping cereal with every step. No more, thanks to Snack-Trap. 

The tethers they sent us so amazing they now have a permanent place in the diaper bag. Take Me With Tether is perfect for tethering the Snack-Trap, cups with handles, toys, and so much more. It comes in a pack of two and I cannot even count how many times we have used them, for both kids. The Drink Bottle Tether is more heavy duty and made specifically for cups and bottles. It is great for keeping Kodabug's sippy cup off the floor and for keeping Tbomb's drink within reach in the car. Beware though, it is heavy duty, so if the cup is decorated, the paint can be scratched off. We just use it with the solid cups. 

Snack-Trap has been a life saver this summer with all of our running and even staying at home. Thanks to Snack-Trap, this mom is staying a little more sane this summer, even with an extra kid!

Snack-Trap was nice enough to send some extra samples, so you readers of The Palmetto Queen get a chance to win some great prizes. One lucky winner will receive:
  • Set of 2 Snack-Traps
  • Lid Combo Pack
  • Take Me With Tether (2 pack)
To win, just comment and let me know how Snack-Trap could save your sanity this summer!

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