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One of my biggest frustrations when it comes to finding ways to keep learning exciting is with mobile apps. I know that everyone else is not like me, but the rule in my house is hands off my phone and my tablet. Everything else, including my computer, is used by my husband and kids. I have to have something that is just mine (besides the makeup that my son keeps getting in to).

The other part of this frustration comes with that so many of the educational apps that I run across are for ipad only. I don't even have an ipad, I'm certainly not getting one for the kids. In our house, we use android products (nothing against Apple though, besides price).

We have a little tablet that we have set up for the kids. On it, we have put a Kindle app (love those free children's books), a couple "rattle" apps for the baby, and I've even downloaded a few handwriting apps for Tbomb. However, I was not impressed with these handwriting apps.

Kids Academy (lucky for me) is watching out for us moms of littles. They were happy to direct me to their Montessori inspired apps in the Amazon App Store (compatible with Android). The one I love the most is the 123 Tracing app.

I absolutely adore that the app has a parents' area. Here, we can set up profiles for our child(ren), check their progress, and even adjust the sound! 

How cute is that little booger?! This app is really easy to set up!

Simple progress tracking without having to deal with stats, percentages, etc. Just look and know what your child is doing. 

Even our children can see how well they are doing by filling the jar with fireflies. My little guy loves catching them every evening, so this is added fun. 

Tracing involves more than one shot. There are several times that the child must trace each letter. Great practice for writing and sequencing!

This is the free version that allows tracing to number 3. To get the full app, it is $1.99 with tracing to 10.

My final thoughts: I love the colors and the idea of filling the jar with fireflies. My son loves that too. He also loves the natures sounds that play in the background because "it sounds like outside."
The encouraging voice is also a nice touch. The only thing I would change is that the paid version go to 100; going to 10 lasts less than an hour for my little guy.

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