Family Fanatics: Game Time Memories

Fanatics is currently running a fun initiative called Family Fanatics, challenging me with describing how sports has brought my family together. Fanatics is an online retailer of all sorts of sports apparel and merchandise – MLB caps, NBA jerseys, and much more. I have not been compensated for this post, I just wanted to help spread the word and tell my story!

I never was an athlete, I have always enjoyed sports, but I just never had time to be on a team. However, sports were still very important in our family. We would watch sports, and both of my brothers played baseball. The youngest brother also played football, soccer, and managed the basketball team. We attended these games and many more games as a family.

Starting when I was very young, my dad and I would watch the Superbowl every year together. My mom never understood what the big deal was, but she kept my brothers busy and made sure dad and I had everything we could want on this very special day. As soon as football training began for the year, dad and I were contemplating who the adversaries would be for the season. 

Super Bowl XXX logo

My dad has always had 3 favorite teams- the Cowboys, 49ers, and the Steelers. Because of this, one Super Bowl really sticks out in my mind. In 1996 the Cowboys won against the Steelers and my dad was on cloud nine. I remember my mom thinking we had lost our minds because we were just that excited. 

Well, I thought she was crazy, but that would be remedied about 10 years later. Fast forward to my baby brother's first season playing football. He was a linebacker and loved the game. Of course my mom and I attended the games to support him. I loved every minute of it, but mom didn't see the point in a bunch of teenage boys chasing a football around a field. 

That all changed one game. We were watching and I was cheering. She asked why I was so excited, so I explained the play and points to her. A light went off in her mind and she was hooked. She began looking forward to games like I did. We went to every game we could get to, but some were just too far away. 

My brothers and I after a championship game. Guess who won... (hint: see those smiles?)

It became not just cheering for my brother, but all of us connecting on something that was so important to the whole family. I even changed my work schedule around so that I knew I was off for each game. Mom and I would plan to spend the whole day together and then take my brother out to dinner after the game, unless the team was going together. 

Mom made friends with the other football moms, when she had always been shy and only got close to the parents of our friends. We got to know the coaches and players- we were all like a big family. I had been out of school for a few years, but being at my Alma Mater cheering for these guys was just a wonderful experience.  I often look back to these days and know how much fun it will be when it is time for my own children to join the club of team sports. 

I was born a fanatic, I get so excited cheering for any sport. Most of my cheering these days is with preschooler games, crawling and walking achievements, paintball, and even xbox games. 

Are you a FANATIC

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, I just wanted to participate in the Family Fanatics campaign. 

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