Teaching Little Ones Scripture with Godstruck Kids

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One of the biggest challenges for me as a homeschooling mom is teaching my 3-year-old scripture. We practice a scripture memory verse every week, but that is not quite enough. I want him to learn to love scripture and be passionate about it. Thanks to Godstruck Kids, I have finally found the way to teach him scripture so that he will love it. This is our new Bible study for every morning.

Music- it is usually the answer.  I remember being in school and if I was having a hard time remembering something, mom would put it to music. When she would do that, usually in the form of a jingle, I understood the concept like it was something I had always known.  In addition, the church choruses we would sing in Sunday school have always stuck with me. That is how I know Godstruck Kids will be successful in teaching Mac scripture. He loves music and runs around the house all day singing, “I may never march in the infantry…” Mac just loves Christian kids’ music, so why not work some other learning in with it.

It is not just the music teaching the kids that makes me such a fan of Godstruck Kids, but there are lessons in the songs, and within the conversation between the children.  The script of the children conversing really is like how our children speak. The lesson ties seamlessly between the conversation and the songs. The lesson book (pdf) that comes with the program is really a help to, with these great lesson enhancement ideas, there are also coloring pages on the Godstruck Kids website.  I am so happy with the new addition to our homeschool curriculum.

Godstruck Kids is written for lower elementary and mixed aged children, making it perfect for an advanced preschooler. The program is written to seamlessly go from lesson to lesson, which makes it great for different schedules, ages, and even cognition levels.  To sample for yourself, and see how perfect Godstruck Kids will be for your Christian homeschooling adventure, listen here. You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter for Godstruck Kids, what a great way to get even more tips for teaching your children scripture. 

Let Christ’s word with all its wisdom and richness live in you. Use psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to teach and instruct yourselves about God’s kindness. Sing to God in your hearts.” (From God’s Word Translation)  As the theme verse for Godstruck Ministries 4 Kids, Colossians 3:16 speaks to the heart and soul of why this ministry exists. Our mission is to help children hide God’s Word and principles in their hearts through His wonderful gift of music. He has brought together a team of individuals who love the Lord and who have contributed the talents and abilities He has given each one for this vision to become a reality. – From the Godstruck Kids Mission Statement.  

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