Summer Planning: #OrganizeMe

I spent most of last week planning out our summer and getting my planner in order. There are several steps to this, and something different for everyone. I'm going to show you how I organize and plan my family's summer.

Every December or January, I buy a simple monthly planner that I can just slip into my big planner that is actually my brain. This monthly planner is essential to planning every part of my schedule all year long, summer is no different. I got this one for about $1.50 at a local dollar store.

You most likely have everything you need. I use the monthly planner (or you can find some printables) and plan the whole summer at once. Grab some your planner, a pen, stickers (I use post it flags, yard sale stickers, punched paper, stars, and washi tape- I even cut some slips of paper for when I ran out o flags), highlighters, and lets get started.

Next, you need to gather other calendars. I used my google calendar (for my work due dates, special blog dates, and paranormal stuff). I also went online and found event calendars, library summer reading, Lowe's Build and Grow, and the free summer movies offered at my local theater.

By the time you are finished with my plan, you will have this:

Here is how I do it:

1. Add in appointments/ due dates/ important dates. I always record these things first because they are what I schedule the kids activities around. I use stickers for this.

  • Round stickers: Appointments that I need to remember, but I don't neccessarily have to be present for. This can include doctor appointments for anyone but myself and the kids and important dates for my husband's work.
  • Flags: Paralina recording dates and publishing dates. I also put paranormal investigations on flags. These are color coded. The orange and white strips for this too, but I ran out of flags this month. 
  • Red strips (plus the bright pink one): Holidays
  • Purple strips: Blog posts due
  • Stars: Payment dates (this way I know to check the bank/ Paypal)
  • Orange strips: appointments
  • Pink cut outs: Dr appointments and important family days. 
  • Washi tape is used for things that are over night. 
2. Add in the events from the community calendar, library, Lowe's, and theater. I mark all accept the community events, even if I think we cannot go. The community events, I add to my google calendar because I sync that weekly. I also add them to this planner if I am pretty sure we will attend. Marking these down allow me to schedule appointments and my weeks easier. I use highlighters for this

  • Orange: Library events
  • Blue: Free movies at the local theater
  • Green: Lowe's Build and Grow
  • Pink: Grandparent plans
  • Yellow: Community events. 
3. Make notes on the side of things that need to be done this month. 

4. Make a bucket list of impromptu adventures, crafts, and trips to make with the kids. For instance, I know there are several crafts I want to make with the monster, I want to take him fishing, and we plan on camping a lot this year. 

Following these steps should help get you a step closer to being organized all summer and making sure that you have fun, while still getting work and those pesky to dos done. 

Important reminder: Don't fill your schedule too full that you forget to enjoy your kids and summer. Last minute plans have a place in our life too!

How do you keep your summer schedule organized? 

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